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  1. Boreing is boreing even if its new,I hope they keep thigns fresh and give the palyer the abilty to go outside town aeras and level up!
  2. U got it runnign perfect? I wish mine would run prefect at best I can get it running at 95% *L*
  3. Cant seem to do anyhtign aobut the texture probs I am haveing,the bush on tatoonie and Hutts mouths seem to have teture corputions I cant recall any others besides that and the lil white pixs that apper mostly in the ebon hawk. I also noticed that extrime blur (Omega drivers) with AA off looks great and runs fast! the GL blur (omega drivers) is to blury 0-o
  4. Not been there sicne I upgradeing froma V5 I ahve found ut that the atioglxx.dll for the DAWN demo helps minorly,you dont need the Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1 and it seems to makes thigns better.altho you still get the odd texture coruptions now and then and the wild lil white pixels.
  5. So far I ahve found out that it will use the opengl dll that you palce by the kotor exe file wicked GL is of corse made for Voodoo cards and sicne I no longer ahve one cant test it *L* I am currently lookinf for a FX wraper I found soem for the NVIDA demos like dawn but thier more fixs for them and not ture wrapers.
  6. Ok when I am highly caffinated and feel like palying with it I will mood swings have me on dark side currnetly >>
  7. I am not saying that KOTOR 2 is worse just the revese is annoying to me and my lil mind *L*
  8. I have a question dose KOTOR use GL then if so could I use one of the alterante GL APIs that are out to help it along? I have a 9700 PRO AIW ATI card Ran across one fo my older posts about JK2 or JK3 and wicked GL and tohught Mmmmmm could I get past any of the ATI bugs by useing soemthign like it.
  9. Sorry it took my forever to get back to the post *L* Be my guest if it helps or helpd...*L* spread the word ^^
  10. Ok the reverved interface on KOTOR2 drives me nuts its ok but sicne I have put a couple weeks into KOTOR my mind is rather set on one way I can use KOTOR 2s interface but it gives me a headache 0-o has to with the wireing in my haed damn learning disabilties *L* But it would be nicer if was on the KOTOR 1 side *L* City of heros has a intresting Charatcer (model tweaking) setup altho thier basic charatcer looks to buff << but oh well it would be intresting if for KOTOR3 you could create your 3d persona (face,eye,hair,colors,body preportions,ect,ect)the way you want and then make his clothing from a bunch of persets clothing and mabye reg force robes I want to paly COV to bad they downgraded COH to the point where it is not as fun to paly......I least want to paly COV once grrr no Ccard anymore....I will get Dungeon Seige to if I have to annoying some retalier to death to get it I onyl have paypal boohoo
  11. I tried to watch it and cant..babaloyn 5 rules it and most Sci fi want to be shows *L*
  12. *bounces around and waves lightsaber at things* Meet the hyper and absent minded Jawa jedi http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v632/zippydsmlee/BMSith-blue.jpg I wonder if I shuld make it my AV *L*
  13. Neeed to play KOTOR 2 more then if I can get over the dizzying effeect the reversed equip menus and such 0-o man my brain dose not like it 0-o
  14. BTW *dies lughing over the mini comic thing* GREAT JOB!
  15. Aash Li His speach should be a bit broken mmmmm Soon you will knowings the power fo the darkside *thinks of JAR JAR and dies* >> uuummmmmmmmm never mind Soon to know you will,power of darkside Her I will get for this I shall >> *hits head wif blunt end of lightsaber* If I dun stop my brain now it will never end <<
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