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  1. As someone that hasn't made time to play the game, are these five fancy different keys five actual inventory items in the game?


    But there is no way I'm going all-in to get all of these keys. There has been enough say on Limited Run (and some other similar companies) feeding off people's compulsions to no be left out and MUST buy all products and versions.

  2. I wanted to clarify that while I hate the movie title (but maybe that'll change after seeing it) I am totally on board for another Indy film and have been loving Mangold dispelling rumors to the trolls even though they keep "looking deeper". I hope he doesn't become jaded from all of this.

    I have been enjoying trying to make the connections to Fate of Atlantis but I'm going to try and enjoy this movie as it is. I would also see another movie with a different actor playing Indy. Too bad we lost River Phoenix too young.

  3. I want to read a last-minute interview WITH @Remi.


    Remi, how are you? What are your thoughts a day before this game releases? How did you know to reserve the name decades ago? How do you feel about your future fight of Search Engine Optimization to filter specifically to you? Would you change your name of it was Michael Bolton?

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