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  1. It should be the Part 2 The Curse Gets Worse Act screen that has music that continues back into the Puerto Pollo beach/fort, followed by a few strums of harp music before kicking back into some music. Maybe it's getting tripped up trying to find that harp music file/cue, and halting more music?

  2. I completed an objective, signed off, and when I returned to the game using the book on my ships table, I had my progress still saved but none of the Pieces o Eight I had collected. So I'll have to do that but all over again and now I'll recommend anyone do a playthrough in one sitting.


    Bringing my ship back to the island did let me see I could instead disembark at the Governor's Mansion as there is a spot to dock and two ladders to climb up there before you're supposed to be there. You can't enter the mansion or do much of anything. You also cannot walk past the guard as if you wanted to go back into town. Just thought it was interesting that you can even get over there by water.

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  3. 2 hours ago, OzzieMonkey said:

    LOL so I watched a reaction video to the trailer and as soon as the Lucasfilm logo popped up they said "they're doing a Star Wars crossover with Sea of Thieves?" 😂

    I was just sitting there, watching an Xbox preview show, minding my own business, when that iconic music started to play. I literally said outloud "What the f...?" and was pleasantly surprised!


    I'm super sad to hear that involvement of any kind with Ron wasn't bothered with.


    And here I was attempting to start tracking down the musical composer of the previous Monkey Island tie-in on Sea of Theives for a MOJO article, and now we have a whole expansion based on MI.

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