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  1. in the top left corner, a girl character from The Dig is stuck in a web and this giant spider comes down and well... we talked about this like 2 weeks ago on the main page o' mojo.
  2. well, we wouldn't quote you. if we did, then we would always have such unneeded cursing and babble that no one cares about. where do you get off telling people around the world to s*** s*** . are they even your friends. i doubt it.
  3. haha. i would really not like missing out on the barber's pirate song. that was a big highlight from that game, and i loved that game a lot.
  4. those are really nice.
  5. V- Vultures are back in Full Throttle 2
  6. The only thing i can think of people meaning could be the slightly different movie in the demo where Guybrush is waving to get Elaine's attention, but really the only other movies that were cut due to budget restraints and time was the one about where elaine stops Lechuck's ride from sending Guybrush into the gates of hell and just sends him in a loop of the rollercoaster of death. (which by the way made me wonder for awhile until i was told why guybrush wasnt killed because the movie was just cut.)
  7. Replace Tatonnie with Troll from Secret of Monkey Island. They said keep this adventure-wise. I'll allow the padme though. they might as well of said portman.
  8. I'm the one billionth-5 hundered and 2 visitor to the site! The banner was flashing, but i didn't get my prize. Well wheres my prize, spaff, wheres my prize? haha. stupid pop ups. who believes them anymore. at least we aren't getting spamail in our mojo messenger. (hmmm, that gives me an idea) gotta go. im off to seek my fortune. everyone send me a dollar for details.
  9. Go hang out in the Glumol Forum. http://www.glumol.com/forum/ If you're not ready to move on from Scramm, then go back to the forum http://www.telefragged.com/message_boards/scramm/ anyways have fun. Scummbuddy
  10. Scummbuddy


    What is Scummbag?? (I know your not going to tell us yet.) ------- Also, Im trying to look at the room files of Maniac Mansion inside of the DOTT cd. I have Scumm Revisited 2 and 3. ----- What are the file annotations used for? What is the dump file button used for? What is the point of flash files? ------ Where has Weevils Annotation Assistant gone? Version 2 is off the site and there is no way in hell that version 3 will probably be made. ---- Sorry I sound like a whining newbie. Im not really.
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