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  1. Bill Watterson that is. The creator of Calvin and Hobbes will be celebrating his birthday today. He was born in 1958.


    On to LucasArts information, I was just in Disney World riding the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, when I noticed a couple more things that could show that Ron Gilbert was heavily inspired by that ride for Monkey Island. Although I don't personally believe in that theory that the first two games were a dream or more correctly a fantasy of a young child, that evidence is building. But hey, only Ron will tell. I'll send in some footage to Mixnmojo when my computer stops being stupid.

  2. I think that the real heroes for the next generation are the workers at LucasArts. Without them we wouldn't be getting new games. We'll we would, but most of you would rather cry over people making fan games. Fine. We wouldn't be getting any officially endorsed games. <Applauding the newcomers to LucasArts that aren't known as well as the ones most of us have come to grow up with><well, not so much as know them as to at least play their games> Guybrush...stop babbaling.

  3. good song ben.

    guybrush has been known for wearing dresses in the past.


    i think the game is shaping up to what i expected and it'll be a definite buy. simon said that they couldnt do all the action in the first game as they wanted to and they were going to do it in this game.

  4. Hahaha. The baby doesn't want to play. Go home to your mom little boy. Nah, just kidding. You didn't know the rules. Heck I don't think anyone knows the rules on how to play Marco Polo over the internet. The guys insane. But you still lost.

  5. mines ripped from the hidden files in CMI. im sure you all know its from the sword fighting scene but never used.


    someone else's that makes me all giddy inside is Schmatz. Indiana Jones finding Manny Calavera's sithe(sp?)

  6. well, we wouldn't quote you. if we did, then we would always have such unneeded cursing and babble that no one cares about. where do you get off telling people around the world to s*** s*** . are they even your friends. i doubt it.

  7. The only thing i can think of people meaning could be the slightly different movie in the demo where Guybrush is waving to get Elaine's attention, but really the only other movies that were cut due to budget restraints and time was the one about where elaine stops Lechuck's ride from sending Guybrush into the gates of hell and just sends him in a loop of the rollercoaster of death. (which by the way made me wonder for awhile until i was told why guybrush wasnt killed because the movie was just cut.)

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