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  1. Mine wasn't filmed but I sat down my wife on the couch, all seriously mind you, took her by the hands and said "Do you remember how excited I was for Spiderman with three Spidermen in it? That pales in comparison to what Ron just announced..." All the whole speaking calmly and containing my excitement.


    My wife just rolled her eyes and smiled at my goofiness.

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  2. I am also looking forward to playing Card Shark, after the PC Gamer write up by, I believe, Christopher Livingston, who is one of my favorite gaming journalists. His phenomenal Living In Oblivion and Elder Strolls series, among others, have left me laughing so hard.

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  3. I would like to mention that with all my disliking of the game, it does have some genuinely good parts to it. Voice acting, the music, the backgrounds, good humor, and some good puzzles... it was just lacking for me in most of the storyline where it was less of a pirate tale but half real estate shenanigans and half gubernatorial drama. We waited quite a while for another Monkey Island game only to get Guybrush acting as an arbitrator to intergalactic trade deals instead of being a cool Jedi. Or something..., I stopped paying attention when I had to bother to figure out what "gubernatorial" meant way back when I was still in school. But it kind of was Phantom Menace all over again. Sure there were cool parts of it (pod racing and those sweet Roger droids) but it lost its way.


    Back on topic, I wouldn't really take all this Dominic and Ron teasing on Twitter as "The Secret is GOING to be revealed". I would definitely tamp your expectations. If it does, and it's satisfying, all the better. I'm assuming it won't be revealed, as to just add to the games allure, and I'm just looking for a good game and a good time. I believe I'm safe in expecting that.

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  4. I think there's a difference between "not liking change/growth" and "not expecting a game to divert from established canon and gameplay".


    If ReMI has Insult Swordfighting but the gameplay is turn-based RPG fighting vs wordplay puzzles, there would be backlash. With Monkey Kombat, we lost the humorous wit and it devolved into "Ook Eek Ahh". Thrilling stuff I tell ya...


    CMI and Full Throttle had ship battles and bike-fights but it was well part of the themes of the game (and could be skipped for those who didn't want to play them) but seeing a giant robotic monkey that came out of nowhere and contradicted the Monkey skeleton from the first game, now with Voltron vibes ( and where some monkeys can talk English all of the sudden??) was very off putting for me. Maybe if it was my first played game of the series I would be less of a nay-sayer, but it was too far of a step out of believable within the story and settings we've been shown up until that point.

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  5. I think you mean to already exclude Zak and MM, correct? I mean, those can be detailed here. One from MM is if you get one teen killed and another is stuck in prison, I believe, the third teen could find themselves in a dead-end. Zak, I think you can run out of money for plane tickets?


    Those can be better detailed later, but for your MI point, I don't recall the MI treasure map being an ingredient. Is it?

  6. Hit the Road Pens and Pins? That's easy-schwag. ;)

    I'm just mad I didn't buy the ridiculous embossed plastic/painted mold of the Hit The Road cover that was presumably used as advertising with gamestores when I had the chance on eBay some 15 years ago. I probably have the saved pics from the listing on my computer at home...

  7. 3 hours ago, Thrik said:

    I think Wally deserves a particular special mention for having the same actor in the MI2SE as in CMI, but it’s the wrong bloody voice.

    Wally went through a lot to stay alive between MI2 and CMI. He broke. His voice broke. Soon his fake beard will latch through grime alone. He's bound to have changed.


    Joking aside, I need to actually hear his MI2 performance for comparison. It can't be that different, right...? ;)

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