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  1. Oh dang it. I did not realize they were up on Archive, by Dom himself. I wouldn't have bothered uploading them to SoundCloud but I also was having trouble finding them in mojo's archives so I thought they were a bit of lost media. Just wanted to give some people a bit of fun before the next MonkeyMonday, or TreasureTuesday for the Aussies.

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  2. After the recent spectacular MixNMojo retrospective with Larry Ahern and Jonathan Ackley where among other things they mentioned that they had sealed CMI boxes from around the world, I reached out to them. I mentioned that it was likely the South Korean release of CMI has an actual cloth map within the box. There was one post about it over on the LucasArts Museum website of which the linked image is a dead link and I couldn't yet find my saved copy of the image on my old computer.


    Never intimidated by a treasure hunt, Jonathan Ackley discovered this:



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  3. I'm of pretty much the same feelings as you, and I wrote that all on their Instagram post reveal for this boxed edition.

    I'm still in for the purchase but that fake barf is going straight into the trash and probably I'll empty the hand warmer and keep the case. Both of those items would likely damage the other feelies over time.


    I would be interested in a Full Throttle release too!

  4. Interesting that IAm8Bit is also stating that:


    "This marks not only the first time Psychonauts has been printed on disc for Xbox One, but it also marks the first time a backwards compatible Xbox game has had a disc release for Xbox One… EVVVVERRRRR!!"



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  5. I was at the "Too Many Games" comics and games convention this past weekend and got to meet Richard Horvitz, the voice of none other than Zim of Invader Zim. Oh, and the voice of Raz of Psychonauts. Just thought I'd share that he was extremely friendly to the fans that came out to see him and doesn't mind doing Raz's hand-brain pose. ;)





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  6. The upcoming game "Brok the InvestiGator" claims to be "The first ever "Punch & Click" adventure"... and all I can think of is "Have you NOT played Full Throttle??".


    But they're meaning it more in a point-and-click and streets-of-rage combo.

  7. To answer a question on the Mojo front page, I don't seem to have any Extras for Vampyre Story within GOG, but I cannot tell if they've been removed from my purchases or not. I doubt it, and someone on the dedicated gog forum page for Vampyre Story has saved the previous store page, but I haven't checked that out yet.


    This Zoom Platform does have these (new?) extras which are fairly interesting to me. What is also interesting to me is that Humongous Entertainment is a publishing partner, as is Devolver. Maybe THIS is where we'll finally see ReMI!!

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