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  1. alaris

    WIP: Hilt Pack

    thanks ese ^ that pic is of a noghri in case you're wondering. If you don't know what a noghri is, SHAME ON YOU! Go and read the Timothy Zahn trilogy set 5 years after ROTJ. Ok, so I made another Star Wars RPG addition for my friends. This is a variant of the YT-1200, aptly named the YT-1350XT transport. My friend James had the design idea. It's a quick and dirty model just to get the look into the gamers' minds. i took the textures from Millenium Falcon toys, and I took the top dome from the Starship Enterprise (1 of them, I'm no trekkie)
  2. alaris

    WIP: Hilt Pack

    I plan on adding more hilts when I can get a good look at some hilts from the new movie, episode III Here's my latest pic:
  3. alaris

    WIP: Hilt Pack

    Here's my next pic. Same friend, but this pic is of his first star wars character-Miskala - a chiss bounty hunter.
  4. alaris

    WIP: Hilt Pack

    ok so I made a more "serious" version of Tim?
  5. alaris

    WIP: Hilt Pack

    I'll submit it to other sites afta! For anyone interested in the history of the custom hilts, I drew a pic of my friend's Star Wars RPG character named.... Tim? (Monty Python Holy Grail reference). Anywho, he's a Bith padawan of the New Republic. He recently had his arm chopped off by a dark jedi. His hilt is the peacemaker hilt. Without further ad0 - I also made a comical version to make my friend laugh.
  6. alaris

    WIP: Hilt Pack

    This is the one thing I loath after releasing stuff. The nit picking. Let's just pretend the jedi activate the lightsaber and then rotate in their hand for grip purposes. Or we could pretend they use the force to activate their lightsabers since they are so familiar with their hilt. I've seen pictures of mace holding his hilt in both directions, so let's not nit pick please. As far as the thickness of the double-bladed hilts, it looks like the Maul hilt is a bit thick. Oops.
  7. alaris

    WIP: Hilt Pack

    Eh, not sure what you mean by upside-down, since the saber looks right in that pic. As for your other issue, the hilt pack isn't compatible with any other SP hilt pack. I could release a MP version only pack if anyone's interested. Eets told me that lucasfiles was the only place people get files nowadays, but if jk3files and that other place are still up, I'll submit there as well.
  8. alaris

    WIP: Hilt Pack

    lol, it's pretty much finished. I could at least release a MP version.
  9. alaris

    WIP: Hilt Pack

    Thanks Prime. The hilt pack is submitted to http://www.lucasfiles.com, and I updated the screenshot above with a better render. Enjoy!
  10. alaris

    WIP: Hilt Pack

    Alas, I am alive. I sincerely apologize for the long delay, but there is a good reason. I got really sick over the hollidays, and my eyes started displaying afterimages almost immediately (most noticeable while reading or looking at monitors). I saw a couple of eye doctors, and the problem has lessened a bit, but it may not go away. Needless to say, modelling and skinning have become a bit more challenging with this new problem. I wanted to add a few more hilts, but I will release the hilt pack as is (see below). I will release two versions--A MP version and a SP version. Thanks for all the interest in this project. I will submit to Lucasfiles.com within the next few days.
  11. alaris

    WIP: Hilt Pack

    I feel better! I was sick for over 4 weeks--that sux0red greatly. That was a particularly nasty strain of cold or flu--how can you tell the difference? Anyways, I'll be in San Diego for Christmas. When I get back, I'll finish up this hilt pack and my Alaris model. Thanks for your patience! And Merry Christmas to everyone!
  12. alaris

    WIP: Hilt Pack

    Actually no, sorry I've been sick as a dog these past two weeks. I'm still sick. As soon as I'm feeling well again, I'll add a couple more hilts and release. Patience soon you will be with hilts.
  13. alaris

    WIP: Alaris

    coolio, I'll check. Thanks a lot man!
  14. alaris

    WIP: Hilt Pack

    Great idea! I'll put that one on my list.
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