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  1. Does anyone know the proper heights of characters such as jarjar, padme, yuuzhanvong etc. or where i can go to find out, so i can add it to the tckmodel.cfg file.
  2. My friends and i were playing around with this Mod today, it's amazing, i love the taunt, it was cool we had 2 foot aayla's vs like a 10 foot vader with two sabers it was incredible.
  3. I always play light side, i stick with absorb, i don't really like using force powers, so i turn on absorb and go saber crazy.
  4. they don't have to be custom skins, i have custom skins because i don't use the original game ones, and i don't like opening up the console to change the model.
  5. I've added tracks from Movie scores such as The Rock, Gladiator, Speed etc...I also love listening to Bob Marley when playing, nothing like Choping someone up while "One Love" is playing in the background.
  6. Try this model changing script script. set model0 "model vader; set mymodel vstr model1" set model1 "model darthmaul; set mymodel vstr model2" set model2 "model gungan; set mymodel vstr model3" set model3 "model exarkun_sithii; set mymodel vstr model4" set model4 "model wookiee; set mymodel vstr model5" set model5 "model JangoFett; set mymodel vstr model6" set model6 "model clonecommander; set mymodel vstr model7" set model7 "model yuuzhanvongketo; set mymodel vstr model0" vstr model0 set mymodel vstr model0 bind b "vstr mymodel" You can switch through the models superfast by just holding down the key(in my case holding down b).
  7. I presonally thought there was no need for any further major changes, I was very happy with 1.03. I have yet to install 1.04 but i don't i like what i'm reading about it so far.
  8. My bad, thanks for the heads up, i didn't even know there was a Dedicated Server Section.
  9. Here is what my cfg looks like. rcon addbot desann 5 red 25 rcon addbot exarkun_sithii 5 red 25 rcon addbot luminara 5 red 25 rcon addbot aayla 5 red 25 rcon addbot yuuzhanvong 5 red 25 rcon addbot Luke 5 red 25 rcon addbot count_dooku 5 red 25 I have named it bot.cfg. The problem i am having is when i execute the cfg file only Desann is added...Can someone help me so when i execute the cfg file they all get added. I use Jedi Runner by the way. Thank you.
  10. I too have WnXP Pro and it runs great.
  11. hello, When i play with my friends i'm usually the host so i use the JK2 runner server utility, it's great. Now to my problem, i got sick of adding bots from the menu so i created a cfg file to add bots, when i start the server and no one has joined yet i execute the cfg file and it works perfectly, as soon as someone joins and i try adding the bots again they enter the game and immediately go to spectator mode, i kick all the bots and exec the cfg again and still they go to spec mode, so i try adding one at a time from the console and again they go to spec mode(Max Clients is set to 20), but when i add them from the menu they join fine. ex. line from my cfg: addbot exarkun_sithii 5 red 25 ^2Damn_You! I'd appreciate any help.
  12. NemoX I'm usually in NF duels, but lately i've been hanging around a lot in TFFA and CTF.
  13. I agree, if you win a saber lock fair and square(NO SCRIPTING BS) then you deserve to take your opponent out or let him get up. I myself will finish them off, but if i lose and my opponent lets me get up i will return the favour.
  14. ROFL :D Haven't laughed this much since i saw Triumph the insult comic dog making fun of the ppl who were waiting in line to see AOTC. This thread must live on.
  15. I was wondering if someone could link me to a site that has Darth Maul's saber hilt, i had seen it on jediknightii.net before they updated their server and now i can no longer find it, i've also tried jk2files.com and no luck. Thank you.
  16. I have downloaded several different saber hilts and i was wondering if there is a way to switch between them while playing, is there a script that can be made for it, i have a script for Saber colour changing and model changing, one for Saber Hilts would be very nice.
  17. I have downloaded several different saber hilts and i was wondering if there is a way to switch between them while playing, is there a script that can be made for it, i have a script for Saber colour changing and model changing, one for Saber Hilts would be very nice.
  18. In my root directory i created a Folder called Music, inside that folder i created another folder called mp, inside the mp folder i placed all the mp3's i wanted to listen to(**Important Note: There must be no spaces in the file names), I then selected all the mp3's, right clicked and selected add to zip(Make sure Save full Path option is checked), i changed the .ZIP to .pk3 and placed the newly created pk3 in the base directory. If you are hosting you can select what u want to hear by going in the console and typing music <path> abc.mp3 (ex. In my case it was music music\mp therock.mp3). If you connect to a server then to hear the music the host must have the EXACT same pk3 file, what i did is created the pk3 and sent it to my friends. Hope this helps.
  19. It won't work, those taunts work only in single player for characters like the Reborn, they don't work in mp.
  20. My friends and i play JKO a lot, and after a while the music gets tiresome, what we did is created a pk3 with music From the Gladiator and The Rock soundtracks...It's absolutely incredible, we didn't think the game could get any more fun but with the new music it has taken it to a new level of fun. Try it, you will not regret it.
  21. Very nice...keep up the good work.
  22. Excellent!!!...And they said a Yoda Model wouldn't work for JKO because of his size...Always nice to see ppl be proven wrong.
  23. in the console type: cg_drawfps 1
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