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  1. Check out the Atari ST Zak McKracken demo linked off the ScummVM demo page .
  2. It does work now Basically this contains identical LFL files to the full game (except they're called MAN files in the demo). The interpreter is hard wired to run script 9 on startup instead of the boot script. With the full version of maniac you can run the demo with an option to the interpreter to start the demo, in ScummVM this is --demo-mode (Note this only works with v1 maniac). So basically grab a daily build and use the maniac target.
  3. I would post on the mojo news item if I could login... this seems to be the most relevant place to mention it. The trailer can be found here if you don't like being forced to use flash....
  4. When checking for index files you should also be checking for .000 and .he0. Former being the full throttle demo and possibly other things, later being for humongous titles.
  5. You could just use descumm in the scummvm-tools package like a normal person...
  6. It would be nice if a lost password option could be added to the mojo mainpage...
  7. yes I sent him an email about it a while back
  8. I don't suppose you could provide more detail on these supposed bugs? I'm not aware of any and if you don't point out problems to people how are things going to ever get better?
  9. Shift F9 to start recording and again later to stop Shift F10 to playback Note that this won't work with ScummVM (at least not currently), original interpreters only.
  10. Well for Broken Sword 2 you have the modified version of the original code in ScummVM CVS to look at, and any broken sword questions can probably be answered if need be as well Might I suggest you talk to/collaborate with Mike Melanson regarding the VMD stuff? He is quite interested in all these game video formats as you'll see by poking around http://www.pcisys.net/~melanson/codecs/ or the game formats part of the mplayer sample ftp he maintains. He mentioned in one of his journal entries he has a bunch of VMD files from GK and maybe something else, can't remember now.
  11. You'll have to wait till residual is done, an old screenshot can be found here: http://www.bbrox.org/residual2.png
  12. If you're after proven Grim Fandango specs you could have a look at the residual interpreter in ScummVM CVS which renders 3DOs fine and lets you play the game to a rather limited extent.
  13. Actually I just fixed this you can now learn f and probably finish the game.
  14. ScummVM _does_ support it you just have to be using CVS/snapshot with the loomtowns target. Currently there are some bugs that need to be sorted out like not being able to learn f. You can however use the "drafts learn" debugger command to get all notes and drafts for the time being...
  15. unless of course you have the FM Towns version in which case the 256 colour close ups are used in game along with some other graphics not included in the PC CD resources.
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