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  1. Congrats Raven and LucasArts! I just finished the single player game and it kicks butt! Good job.
  2. Got him! I got him by the pillar and brought ot down on him! Bye bye Desann! Thanks! I'll try the speed and stance also.
  3. push the L key and right config will change colors and stance
  4. Can anyone, ANYONE, give me some hints of info on how to kill Desann? I saw some people put how he easy he is but he has killed me many times now. HELP!!!
  5. I need help to kill Fyyar. Whats the secret to kill him (in theDoomgiver Shields). I'm tired of reloading many times. I would appreciate any advice. Thnx
  6. How fo you get to the red panel to switch off the lasers? I use force speed but not even close! Thanks for any input.
  7. Anyone tell me how you destroy the AT-ST at the end of Cairn Assembly level? (What weapon, tactic?) Thanks!
  8. I'm stuck in level 2 at the room with the uneven jumping platforms. I've just activated them and they came up from the floor. (It's the room that had three turret guns in it.) Please advise on what to do next. thanks
  9. shoot out the glass and skirt along to the arm. jump up on level arm, up on top of tank. you should now be on a catwalk. try this.
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