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  1. This is exactly what I've been saying all the time. This mod we'll never be done since there's no communication at all. Can't make a mod without communication. And since noone is talking to anyone this crap isn't ever gonna be finished... The problem was really never team members... Over and out!
  2. what do you mean I didn't reply? What would I have replied on? Well anyways,, I'll see what I'll do... A friend and I will perhaps start a mod for the UT2003 engine when it comes out. But it's not about Star Wars though, since when you make a Star Wars mod from a non-Star Wars game it's illicit...
  3. Today I'll post some bad news. Rebel Strike is put on ice from now on. This is very unfortunate, but it's the truth. We can't find time to put our efforts to the max on this project and therfore we've decided to cut the cord. My time and Roger's haven't been sufficient for doing this mod due to several different factors. Roger has his job, which takes alot of his time, to attend to & at the same time he must keep the Modcentral site updated and working. I, well, can't do the mod alone and since we are only two left on this team up to this point, we've decided to end it here. If you're sorry about this, then remember that we're 100% more sorry about it. Wired Lamp, hell, I don't know what they're doing. Noone has heard of them for weeks. There site doesn't work etc. And the cooperation we thought would be good for the mod hasn't worked as planned. This is by no way Wired Lamp's fault though. Since I guess they nor us have the time... Well. Keep your eyes open. Miracles are known to happen... From time to time.
  4. Okay, I'll post this once again, just in case. I'll quit the mod as a modeler on thursday which means that Rebel Strike will be without a modeler. This in turn means that all modeling will stop until we can find another modeler. So if you think that you've got what it takes. Then mail Roger about it. I will once again say that it has been my pleasure to answer your questions you guys've asked us about Rebel Strike and it's been an honor to work with the cool team of Rebel Strike. I will try to benefit to the mod in any way that I can though, so I'm not totally off it. But I'm doing military service for 11 months so I wont find much time. Therefor we need you to send us a portfolio of your work, that way it's easier for us to pick a new team member instead of having to answer your mail and ask you of your work. Anyways, It's been nice with all the commotion around the mod and I hope it stays that way. I'll see you around.
  5. The fun thing about having vehicles in the game is to be able to maneuver them, right? . We'll probably let the player drive the vehicle. Possibly, in the case of the AT-ST, there will be one driver and one gunner. And we will model a cockpit exactly as the one in the films. That would be the coolest thing about vehicles I think. But just because you're sitting in an AT-ST doesn't mean you're out of danger, it's the total opposite actually since there are alot of different turrets used on vehicles... Don't worry though. I'm sure our solution to the problem will please you. /Best Regards- Jim. Modleader & Modeler at Rebel Strike Crew.
  6. official member? Hell, noone tells me anything it seems.. Yeah sure, send me that map..
  7. You'll have to talk to Roger about it.. I dont have the liberty to answer that...
  8. hey,, I used the latest version of max I think.. Or maybe it was release 4.0.. I think they've released 4.2 or soemthing... Thanx btw.. /Best Regards- Jim. Modleader & Modeler at Rebel Strike Crew.
  9. Thanx Young David. That was some cool information . I will forward this post and your name and email to Roger. I'll tell him to write you a letter. If you don't get one soon, write him yourself heh. May the force be with you. /Best Regards- Jim. Modleader & Modeler at Rebel Strike Crew.
  10. Sounds good. We could need some more weapon facts. Hehe, no force pikes or vibro weapons. /Best Regards- Jim. Modleader, Modeler at Rebel Strike Crew.
  11. Someone else I guess . Well maybe I can help out sometime when I get my hands free. I'll have to do military service, now who said it's a free country? heh. /Best Regards- Jim. Modleader, Modeler at Rebel Strike Crew.
  12. 24th of june actually :/. Have to serve my country. Doing military service for 11 months. But If the mod is still alive when I get back then I'll contiune help out. Who knows, maybe I'll get some time in between too..
  13. We need a new modeler to replace me when I go... Here's the demands needed: :You will have to be skilled and knowing of character and weapon modeling. :You need to have a later version of 3D Studio Max. Version 4 is recommended. :You need to be experienced in using Max since we don't have another person except me on the team that can handle it. :This sounds self-centered but hehe, you'll need to make as good models as I do ... Write to Roger about this, I will ask him to post a news topic on the Mod Central. Anyways, It's been nice working on this mod and helping Roger to get it going. I would like to thank everyone for the interest they showed in Rebel Strike. And I wish everybody on the team good luck . I will be here and do what I can to help until about the 22nd of June. /Very Best Regards- Jim, Modleader & Modeler at Rebel Strike Crew.
  14. Gonkish, Sure, we would be interested in help from anyone skilled. Your screenshots looks quite good so why don't you send Roger a mail and the pictures included and you'll be added to the list of possible candidates . I would like the team to be full of skilled persons before I leave the mod. I'm outta here the 24th of june, so I want everything to work... /Best Regards- Jim, Modleader & Modeler at Rebel Strike Crew.
  15. hehe, thanx. Well it's a mod and that means that you're not sponsored . Well who knows, if we get popular then we might have a chance. It's happened to other mods. Too bad I'm not gonna be around to experience that though... /Best Regards- Jim, Modleader, Modeler at Rebel Strike Crew.
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