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  1. Yeah....how many months was the PC version of kotor delayed from the Q1-Q2 release? Hate to sound so pesimistic here, but for some reason I'm thinking that it'll probably not be on store shelves come Feburary
  2. Yeah... after more than a year, I have returned. .....but it looks like the forums are even deader than when there were only a half dozen of us grasping blindly at whatever tidbits of information was released....like the PC version being realeased some time in Q2...hah....ok, I'll stop my crazed rambling now:sweat:
  3. Sigh, I finnaly think about returning to LF and when I get here the first thing that I see is that K-jo round has been closed.. lot's of warm and fuzzy memories there. However, after seeing the quality of the posts near the end and in the new thread, I have to agree that it is starting to get quite.... spamish and that it might not be the best thing to leave it opem with <i>that</i> kind of posting going on.
  4. Yeah, it's probably your browser because I can see your name glowing perfectly fine...
  5. anyway, anything important happen while I was gone? other than y'all being promoted and stuff.
  6. bah, I'm gone for half a year and all the fun post boosters *ahem* fourm games diassappear If you don't know how this goes look here Q: Mister E or Greg_g?
  7. Bad news ... I sort of spent lost most of my money buing games and a new video card so I don't have enough left to buy SWG for at least a few months. Soooooo.... can you please preaty please put me on the inactive members list... or something m( )m oh and Splinter Cell is a really fun game:D and I don't know what that staple gun is for... but it sure looks painful... EDIT: hmmm... a week of posting.... that seems like quite a long time.... really, I'll try to post more now.... but everythings all diffrent... and stuff EDIT 2: errr.... when'd Jan become the offical greater and is there any chance i could *ahem* audition for an understudy greater position:D
  8. made a mistake creating this thread:rolleyes:
  9. Wassup Just letting ya' guys know that I'm not dead. just seems like it sometimes. I've been buried under all this schoolwork and stuff. well the good news is that I may be able to find time to get the game. The Bad news: it probably won't be until after school is over. Oh, and by the way what happened when I took my leave of absence? I will try to be more active, but probably won't be able to post regularly until after the AP exams in early May. so Ja Ne y'all:D
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