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  1. Yeah....how many months was the PC version of kotor delayed from the Q1-Q2 release? Hate to sound so pesimistic here, but for some reason I'm thinking that it'll probably not be on store shelves come Feburary
  2. Yeah... after more than a year, I have returned. .....but it looks like the forums are even deader than when there were only a half dozen of us grasping blindly at whatever tidbits of information was released....like the PC version being realeased some time in Q2...hah....ok, I'll stop my crazed rambling now:sweat:
  3. Sigh, I finnaly think about returning to LF and when I get here the first thing that I see is that K-jo round has been closed.. lot's of warm and fuzzy memories there. However, after seeing the quality of the posts near the end and in the new thread, I have to agree that it is starting to get quite.... spamish and that it might not be the best thing to leave it opem with <i>that</i> kind of posting going on.
  4. Yeah, it's probably your browser because I can see your name glowing perfectly fine...
  5. anyway, anything important happen while I was gone? other than y'all being promoted and stuff.
  6. bah, I'm gone for half a year and all the fun post boosters *ahem* fourm games diassappear If you don't know how this goes look here Q: Mister E or Greg_g?
  7. Bad news ... I sort of spent lost most of my money buing games and a new video card so I don't have enough left to buy SWG for at least a few months. Soooooo.... can you please preaty please put me on the inactive members list... or something m( )m oh and Splinter Cell is a really fun game:D and I don't know what that staple gun is for... but it sure looks painful... EDIT: hmmm... a week of posting.... that seems like quite a long time.... really, I'll try to post more now.... but everythings all diffrent... and stuff EDIT 2: errr.... when'd Jan become the offical greater and is there any chance i could *ahem* audition for an understudy greater position:D
  8. made a mistake creating this thread:rolleyes:
  9. Wassup Just letting ya' guys know that I'm not dead. just seems like it sometimes. I've been buried under all this schoolwork and stuff. well the good news is that I may be able to find time to get the game. The Bad news: it probably won't be until after school is over. Oh, and by the way what happened when I took my leave of absence? I will try to be more active, but probably won't be able to post regularly until after the AP exams in early May. so Ja Ne y'all:D
  10. man, where do you find these things Jan? first the insult letter writer and now this, you'd think you have no life and just wander aimlesly through the net:p nice site
  11. OK found it, even though Yessane Issard had a good deal of influence over the council and was responsible for convinsing them to despose of pestage, she was not elected as leader imediatly following his death. instead they appointed Paltr Carvin which of course Issard didn't like so she had to make more plots to get rid of him as well. though really she did control the council with her ability to manipulate everyone PS: it is actually the Imperial ruling council
  12. OK, well it seems that he was meeting with winter as 'princess leia' at axxila to discuss the terms of giving the location of the eidolon project to the republic. anyway, he was rescued by RS over at Citruic (sp) but left them and went to Krennel who killed him as a gift for the council or something. and it also turns out that iasard took him out of power because of the council telling her to. darn. though actually she was the one who was responsible for manipulating the council so that they didn't like pesatge anymore....
  13. well i'm preaty sure that it was pastage. then Isard did some sort of coup thing becuase of Wnter and tycho's tring to make some sort of peace thing with pestage. not that she wasn't trying to take power before that mind you. more info in a sec
  14. hmmm, how about choosing and answering one question, would that work?
  15. had adsl which didn't work for a few months then recently got cable, which has worked so far
  16. bruises to sticks 'n stones well if you post a welcome thread then you can get an official greating from jan or wraith
  17. i'm willing to participate, but how about an mix of like 5 questions which give diffrent points depending on the dificulty but each person can only answer one. that way the first people to see the questions could choose the easy ones and get points while those who aren't on as often will have the ability to not be totaly left out.
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