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  1. heyyyyy, devil doll was yelling at me for stealing it and here she goes and steals it herself:rolleyes:
  2. ^will buy a fancy name first <doesn't care about title V will help by donating money to kjolen:D
  3. outside of lucasfourms? you just noticed it now, it started months ago. and using the same name gives credit to you because your name is in it
  4. ^will change my title when he has extra money:p < was already yelled at for stealling topic Vhas too much money
  5. ^don't know how <started an unofficial k-jo Vis kjolen yelling at me:D
  6. hey, kjolen. wraithy will come arround soon toincronate you but until then Welcome to SWgalaxies. and we already tried a k-jo round here.... apparently it died a while back
  7. if we've narrowed it down to those few, let's make a poll and vote on it:rolleyes:
  8. Xmen 2 trailers are starting to be shown in theaters
  9. you know, I could have sworn that there was a thread very similar to this a few months back...
  10. A:uhhh.... Smee? Q: should we ask wraithy really nicely to reopen his trivia thread?
  11. seems that the insanity is spreading...
  12. ^yep <just woke up Vis still asleep;)
  13. ^how many <wants to try the store Vthinks that italic names are overpriced
  14. ^...me obi <is helpless V likes the point system
  15. or you could ask someone very nicely to buy a title for you
  16. ^what he said <is confuzzled Vis not coffuzzled
  17. ^kill the ewok <is either an ewok who hunts or a hunter of ewoks Vknows which one
  18. ^posted while i was editing the post <was slower than AB Vhas hair
  19. ^O_o <buries whats-his-face Vwill write his eulogy
  20. ^monday? <is lost Vwill get me a wraithy cola
  21. ^is beyond help <is helpless Vis helpful
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