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  1. Hahaha, back from the dead. The clan is dead of course. But I just wanted to bring this thread back. It brings back so many memories, i'm very happy to see that it is still in existance!
  2. I'm sadden that this clan died right after the server came out. COME ON PEOPLE WAKE UP. WAKE UP DAMN'T WE HAVE A SERVER. WAKE UP.
  3. This is great how everything is going. I think we need to plan a clan meeting on the new server thanks to Zakk. Anyone up for a meeting on Saturday? Saturday is fine with me.
  4. Why did they move our thread? This is obviously a huge barrier for us now.
  5. Seriously, where did everyone go? I can't believe this we need to unite and get the CTF clan going!
  6. Sorry we are currently not excepting members due to the fact that were overwhelmed with all the members we already have but If you can set up a server for us you are welcome to join. What is with people not being active anymore, it really REALLY sucks they moved the thread because not as many people are posting.
  7. I was on there and everyone refused to drink beer with me.
  8. I just sent an email to you Yogurt. This would really get our clan going in the right direction and finally get us to meet online after all the wait.
  9. Alright I've skimmed through every single page and I found that my rankings could be wrong because I forget who posted some different info on the highest to lowest ranking but we will figure that out later if people really deeply care. Also the issue of the elite team of people called the Blue Fins or the Blue Clones you will have your rank but you may have a star next to it or something but if you want this elite group to happen somebodies got to take charge of it. Now here is the old list Dreamkilla posted a while back. President: mastercheech Vice-Presidents: DreamKilla84, Wamprat013 Webmaster: AB_Legion Members: Vestril, defalc, m.d.c. skamonkey, Steg, OldSkoolJedi, Tyrion, Creep_303, Woobi, Brandon Real, Chaotic~Angel, Freedon Nadd85, Phoenix, PodGuy87, darth dragon, Boba Fart, Katoa_Kliq, Isa_Mu_Dyson, DarthBane51190, Mad Eejit, Padwan619, adrian832, TheSithLord, Lynxbite, ANAKIN I will now modify it and show the color rankings. Blue:mastercheech,DreamKilla84, Wamprat013 Red: Boba Fart, Tyrion, Padawan 619 Yellow:Anakin, Ah Boon, Zakk, Adrian832, Andromeda Shame Green:Phoenix, Woobi, Creep_303, Steg,Lynxbite White:m.d.c. skamonkey, Steg, Freedon Nadd85, Phoenix, PodGuy87,darth dragon, Isa_Mu_Dyson, DarthBane51190, Mad Eejit, TheSithLord I will now remove the inactive members that in my opinion have only posted one times. If you see that you have been removed and our outraged that is good tell me about it! I feel that most of the removed people won't be outraged though because they don't ever even post. Ok I did that above.... I will be giving the newer members more of a break. So there you have it. Now people will be urged to post more and be more active in hopes that they will get a higher rank. I think the highest rank someone to could achieve as of now is a Red rank so those peopke under red should start doing everything they can to become a higher rank. NOW we need a server. I don't care how fast it is. I don't care if its temporary until we get a fast server. I just want a server to play on! Someone make a server right now call it whatever you want but tell us the IP and name and everyone will go. "If you make it they will come" THAT IS THE TRUTH. All I want for Christmas Santa is a...... Server. A what? A server. Why would you want that? So I can play with my clone trooper clan and we can kill lots and lots of people in other clans.
  10. Alright finally after all this wait I feel it is needed to keep this clan going. I will decide the color ranks. There is only one color possible in team games that is red or blue so therefore I feel that until we can get a skinner to modify the armor to identify color but still keeping it red or blue we will put it in our tags next to our name. As it said on starwars.com in the jedi council. "Yellow markings indicate a commander. Red clone troopers are captains, blue are lieutenants and green are sergeants." We will rank that way. Now last time I checked we had about 35 members but we will be make some deletions and some additions and if I miss you, its your responsibility to tell me that I screwed up. http://www.fortunecity.com/marina/salmon/969/rankings.htm I found the true military rankings and I took them from the army. So here are the rankings from highest to lowest. Lieutenant, Captain, Commander, Sergeants. I had to modify it a little because the first form of Lieutenant comes before captain but the highest form of Lieutenant is above captain. Now I'll modify the list and determine each members ranking but I want to post all this info right now.
  11. Can someone please just make a server? It doesn't matter how fast it is just as long as we have a Clan Server that we can play on. The new patch is really great. I just can't stress how much we need a server!
  12. Reiver that sounds like alot of fun. Lyger if you have a server you could get a Jedi Sports game going. What is your server info so I can find it?
  13. Yeah it sucks there really needs to be Jedi Sports servers. I tried getting a game of soccer going but it was too hard because of all the newbs interfering.
  14. I like Playing Rocket Launcher Tennis That is alot of fun. Does anyone wanna get a game of Soccer(Football) going? A neutral stormtrooper crouches and everyone trys force pushing and pulling him to the goal.
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