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  1. so now i can download some files like the Darth Maul Saber... but dual blades doesnt work
  2. There is a message if i want to dowload files: The site wasnt found. ....zip from could not dowload. Sorry for my bad English .... Im a german and i like it if you correct my mistakes THX
  3. whats going on? there are soooo cool new files.....but i cant download them :( ....when will the Server be finished soo i can dowload the files? :fett: :confused: :fett:
  4. BOAHHHH!!! It looks so good i just want it.......
  5. Yeah lol Speeder Bikes and Ewoks. That would be very inresting. Make your job good and give us the best mod vever seen for JK2
  6. Its a realy good idea - your Mod!!! I hope it will be something like Counter-Strike for Half-Life.
  7. Its realy good, that there will be no Jedis. I want a Mod with only Guns and ATATs and whatever. But no Jedis. Jedis will ruin the mod. I saw it comin: Everybody is a Jedi and im a Imperial Trooper. But if there will be s it wouldn be bad.
  8. 1st: Sorry for my English but im german. Will there be Battles like in Jedi Knight II only with guns and E11 Blasers???
  9. When doe you think is this GREAT mod realy finished? I hope soon ( i want to destroy :atat:S) An I hope too, there will be no jedis
  10. There must be ATAT's in game.... look up to this posts..... forever forever forever PS: does anyone know, where i can download a -skin?
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