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  1. I've seen a few threads out there helping people to get their TIE Fighter collector's CD running on winXP. Wondering if anyone has any solutions for those of us who aren't far enough back in the stone age to be able to just straight run the game from a fresh install, but are just far enough back to be using win98.
  2. Just wondering if anyone knows where you can find pics of the main character. I know how hard that is since the main character is customizeable and all, but I'm hoping to find a place with a bunch of portraits of all the face selections. Actually what I'm really hoping to find is a picture of the long-haired face you can choose, hopefully a closeup of him when he's tainted by the darkside.
  3. Yeah, it's hella cheap to find in the retired games section of any store. Walmart, Target, Best Buy, any of those places. I work in the backroom of Target doing the autopulls each morning and I always come accross this game. Brings back some nostalgia, let me tell you.
  4. What happened to all the files that were on places like Hyperview? I noticed massassi.net is still alive, but that's really the only old place I remember that's still around. They've got a pretty fair amount of files, but not near as many of the good ones that I remember. I reinstalled the old games for the sake of nostaligia, but it seems as though all of the mods I'd grown to love in the past are lost forever. I'm kicking myself for not backing them up and burning them, now.
  5. Bah, this is an FPS. Those kind of games are generally kinda linear. The darkside/lightside branch here in this game was kinda reminescent of the first Jedi Knight game, only this time you get to actually choose on the spot instead of getting darkside/lightside points through the powers you use the most. But if you want diverse storylines, go get an RPG.
  6. Eh, I'm not losing any sleep over it. No offense to anyone that goes there, but that place was the biggest gathering of knuckleheads I'd ever encountered. Sure, it has it's decent players too. And I guess the idiots flock to just about anywhere you go, not just the Zone. But I've just personally had nothing but bad experiences there. Maybe it's just a me thing.
  7. Oh, man! I've been having the same exact problem, too! None of the above worked until I finally disabled that force feedback. I'm going to re-enable all that other stuff again and see how it performs. I suspect, that at least in my case, the force feedback had been the culprit all along.
  8. If they did do a sequel it'd likely pick up from the light-side solution. They did that with the Jedi Knight series (comparing apples & oranges by comparing an FPS to an RPG, I know. But still.) In Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight you can either beat it darkside or lightside, but Mysteries of the Sith picks up from the lightside aspect.
  9. I was wondering. Has anyone played their character female, yet? When they make references to Revan do they say 'Lord Revan' or 'Lady Revan'? Just figured it'd be pretty funny to hear them say 'Lord' all the time and then you find out 'Lord' Revan is your chick.
  10. It would be cool if they did, though. Heh, look at us. All talking about it like the sequel just hit the shelves or something. But, I guess the sequel to Xenosaga is going to let you do that and I have a feeling that'll come in handy. But, Xenosaga saved the game at the end -- this one didn't. So I'll agree that it isn't likely we'll see that happening.
  11. Yeah, I got them to attack me without getting darkside points. You talked to the historian, right? That was the whole point of giving them the krayt dragon pearl. Listen to all of his stories, but heed HK-47's advice when he warns you not to "change" their history. After you hear everything he has to say, go back and ask a question that implies the history he told you was inaccurate. They'll get pissed off and there you go. Kill em' all and take no darkside points.
  12. Yeah, I'd buy a sequel. This game rocked. So far I've beat it on the light-side solution. Gonna go back tommorrow and do it the darkside way now. But it was definately worth the purchase of an Xbox just to have the game. But, they left it open at the end for another game when that Yoda-looking guy (he doesn't talk all ass-backwards, dammit! ) says that everyone must remain vigilant, because a time may arise when you're called apon once again. Such is the duty of the Jedi.
  13. I just now got done having an...interesting conversation aboard the Ebon Hawk with Canderous when he tells you one of his war stories with the Mandalorians. It's the one about how he ambushed some pirates hiding out among some asteroids that were covered in frozen methane gas, and when he superheated one to kill some pirates he woke "something that had been resting for a very long time". It looked like an asteroid but was really a ship, one that began to fire plasma that ate through their armor before shooting off into hyperspace. He says they chase it until it goes past the edge of the known galaxy, where they eventually gave up the chase. Any of you hear this from him yet? What are your thoughts? Think this could this be a cameo of sorts for the Yuuzhan Vong?
  14. I'm content with this DVD. I don't need a more expensive extended version. I paid a good $15 bucks for this one. I was rather disappointed in the differences of some things as well. Like that whole love fling with Aragorn and that elvish chick. The elves bailing Rohan out at Helm's Deep. The fact that the Ents didn't show up to surround Helm's Deep at the end of the battle. Everyone came out in the morning to find a whole forest mysteriously surrounding Helm's Deep. This frightened off the remaining orcs, who fled away but inside the forest they could hear the gruesome sounds of the fleeing orcs being slayed by the angry trees.
  15. You'll have enough resources on your computer to play the game, that's what. There are three key factors to making a game run smoothly. The processor speed, video card capacity, and the RAM. The speed of the processor determines how fast your computer can process information. But you need enough RAM to balance things out a bit. You can have alot of processor speed but very little RAM, but without that RAM you won't notice much of a change in the speed of your computer. The same can be said if you have a whole bunch of RAM but not alot of processor. Think of both as two integral parts of a brain. The processor determines how fast information can be processed. But the RAM is what determines the bulk or capacity of how much information can be processed at once. So you can say that a the faster a processor, the quicker the "brain's" wit is. But the bigger the RAM, the bigger the "brain" will be. Advantages you'll see in bigger RAM will be things like faster level loading time, or less choppiness in-game assuming your graphics card is up to spec. Take those BF1942 levels for example. Massive. More RAM will make those levels load at a more reasonable rate, and even though they're so big your computer just might be able to take the whole thing in without jumping too much.
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