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  1. Hoobastank- Right Before Your Eyes Bon Jovi- It's My Life. Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Californication
  2. Here in my county in NY, we've banned it from all indoor establishments. So, no bars, no resturaunts, no bowling alleys, etc. I like it, too. Works real well.
  3. It burns me up when the religious right equates tolerance to acceptance. The two are completely different. Tolerance means giving someone the same respect that you woudl expect to receive yourself. You do not need to agree with someones lifestyle to give them basic respect.
  4. Bush: We were attacked! Kerry: We were attacked, but not by Saddam Hussein... Bush: *cries* Classic....
  5. I'm actually fairly active in one of those forums (Christianforums). I recognize several of those quotes. Oh, it's good stuff. I not-so-recently had an argument with someone who felt that the Native Americans were totally guilty and wrong, and were unfairly aggressive towards the peaceful, european settlers. It takes all kinds, I guess.
  6. DC mixes up its weapons and vehicles alot, especially when it comes to aircraft. My favorite helicopter, the Soviet Scout chopper (forget the name), can come with either rocket pods, cannon pods, or nothing. The cannon pod one is rare, and I've been screamed at on more than one occasion when the person I smoked didn't know it came in that flavor. That's just funny.
  7. A younger brother of a friend of mine, who lives just down the street, was using cheats on a UT game that me and my buddy were hosting. He wasn't even hiding it. I left my character in the corner in the server, got up, walked down the street, went into his house and upstairs, and pulled the plug out of his cpu. Oh, that felt good.
  8. Hmmm... if I could somehow be guaranteed that it would make things better in the future, and that it wouldn't end up ruining things for everyone today, then.... ... in a heartbeat, yes.
  9. Since religion seems to be the topic of homosexuality and gay marriage here... Homosexuality is mentioned in three places in the Bible. The book of Leviticus. Homosexuality is described as "an abomination." However, it is also among a list of other ridiculous "abominations," such as shellfish, shaving, and mixed fabrics. I think it's safe to say that any logical God would have no problem with any of the three, and so this casts huge problems on the divine reliability of the condemnation of homosexuality based on Levitican law. Corinthians seems to mention it. However, I see a big problem here.... In the original translations, "homosexual offender" and "male prostitute" was not included. The word "effeminate" was present, though. This roughly translates to "wimp." However, many modern versions circulate verses that say just that! Finally, there is the book of Romans, in which Paul states ... Read that carefully, now. Paul is talking about pagan rituals! At the time, many pagan rituals included the process of men and women "switching" off. That's what he's condemning. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm not. But to me, there's enough question there to basically say: We can't know for sure what the Christian God really wants, because it's not clear. Therefore, we cannot make laws according to that (aside from the fact that it would be totally unfair to atheists, deists, agnostics, muslims, hindus, and any other non-christian religion).
  10. I had the pleasure of attending the first gay marriages of New York State, in the small town of New Paltz, where I go to school. It was a lot of fun, and it was wonderful to see so many happy people. The crowd gave a very heartening cheer when the mayor announced the first marriage complete and one of the couples raised the certificate in his hand. Woo woo, I was there for history!
  11. I would step in and tell him to back off and lay off of her. What he does from there is his own business, but if he continues harassing my friend, I'll do what I can to stop him, even if it means physically subduing him until a teacher or principal can take over. Knock em out. Not only will it keep this person from messing with you again, but it also shows everyone else that you're not someone to be messed with. This is important in high school. Weakness is like blood in the water. Once other bullys see it, they'll swarm over you. Cant let that happen. Same as example A. Tell them to back off and leave us alone, and that we don't want any trouble. Where they take it from there is up to them. If they get physical, I'll fight as much as is needed for the situation to be defused.
  12. Just because they haven't experienced it personally, doesn't deny them the right to be against it and be offended by it. Heck, the very concept of Black Supremism is offensive to me. Furthermore, I have experienced it. And I am white. I work in a predominantley black area, and sometimes I get a serious cold shoulder, while a black teacher, working there only 2 months, gets a very warm reception. Does that mean I have the right to go on and on about it? It certainly makes my job much more difficult.
  13. Extreme Segway. Who knew? http://7pounds.net/users/extreme_segway/gallery.htm
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