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  1. My guess is that something was changed in the bg code that affects the player movement and such. That will be cleared up once you use the same dlls as the server.
  2. Yeah, the admin posting system got borked and the dudes that run the JK.net site don't respond to email requests to fixing the FTP login so we can fix it. :| Actually, I setup a system so that you'll spawn around the original spawn point rather than directly on it. However, you have to be running the game in the CoOp gametype for that to be active.
  3. Are there bug tickets active for those issues? I know that DD uses the bug tracker still.
  4. I tried to merge in Dindon's changes a long time ago, but it didn't make it very far. - I hate merging code manually. It's a huge hassle. - Dindon only really provided the code, beyond that all the work was on me. - While Dindon's code worked, it didn't play nicely with the real SP AI code, which I was able to get samples of. - A lot of his code is actually still in OJP. Anyway, some NPC ally commands is a good idea. I suggest you log a bug ticket for it and maybe it will be implimented at some point.
  5. You don't really have to use older engines for lower system requirements, it's just that newer engines need to be more backwards compatable. The Unreal engine comes to mind. UT2004 could run on a huge range of systems.
  6. I don't think they're not making a profit. I think the issue is that consoles is where the money is at. It's much, much easier for a consumer to purchase a console game and just play it vs a computer game, where there's system requirements, install times, etc. Personally, I think the solution is to come up with a hardware rating system that will allow a standardized system for system requirements. That way users could download the evaluation software and have a simple rating for system requirements. "My system plays 140 series games or lower and 100 games or lower at Max Graphics". In addition, developers really should work on making their games plug-and-play compatible with a harddrive install as a optional feature to speed up load times. Finally, developers really need to avoid revolving door system requirements. While it's a strength of computer systems to be upgradable and faster than consoles, there's really no need for new games to not be compatible with systems built in the last few years.
  7. mmm, I'm not sure this needs to be a siege map or not. With Siege, you could probably wire it so the game ends on a specific condition, say running out of resource points. In addition, there would be set player classes. With Team FFA, the game would end based on kills. And you'd be able to use OJP's experience system. So, it's a trade off.
  8. Post the models on Filefront and then link to them. That way your work can't get lost and someone might be able to port them for you.
  9. Oh, right. I actually made that change. I just forgot about it. Just be sure to crank up the point cost for the higher levels of dual pistoling.
  10. Why are duals charging in the first place? I thought I removed charging for normal pistols.... I think getting hit should make you drop your grip victim.
  11. That sounds approprate. Dual pistols should be treated as two handed weapons.
  12. Maybe Jack could coordinate some play times for us in the New World?
  13. Rick Rolling, ok. Rick Rolling my screen all over, and making it so I can't nagivate away isn't cool. Especially when I'm working. Don't do that again.
  14. ooh, that's not good. I don't think I'd upgrade if that's the case. I only have a real copy of VS 2005 and I'd rather not convert to VS2008 Express.
  15. While I prefer the suppressor version, I think we might want to go with the first version for more realism.
  16. I'd probably just toss all the models into the main Enhanced distro at this point. The whole OJP_Skins and OJP_Vehicles concept pretty much tanked. As for file size, adding additional models shouldn't increase the download by too much. In fact, the file size would be less overall if the .gla file is cleaned up. Right now the .gla is double the size it should be, and that's the largest file in the distro.
  17. I rather like the Assassin's Creed combat system. You're right that it's pretty easy, but it's still possible to get ripped if you get pinned down. Side Note: I think the biggest problem with Assassin's Creed is that it feels like they were making a set piece rather than a game. Apprenently they didn't think that you'd get bored with doing the same 4 missions over-and-over again.
  18. Maybe we should start a thread where everyone says their preferred custom model?
  19. It sure would be nice if we HAD a linux person. Bug me on PM about it and I'll try to remember to update it myself when I'm back at a system with SVN access setup.
  20. Good joke. Anyway, I'm not sure how you'd do remote file transfers during gameplay either. I'm sure it's totally platform and engine dependent. I'd probably have genetic transfers occur between players and servers and then occasionally report back to a master server to mass distro the best performers. Maybe it could work as a simple, large teams action shooter, where the AI controls a huge number of allies and enemies on a big battlefield and the human players would one of many. As the AI evolved, the game would become more and more intense for players who continue to play.
  21. ah, there's the problem... Sys_LoadDll(/mnt/junk/jk3/GameData/mymod/jampgamei386.so) failed: "/mnt/junk/jk3/GameData/mymod/jampgamei386.so: undefined symbol: DisableStackTrace" Basically, that's a linking error that's telling you that it can't find the definition for DisableStackTrace. Probably means that a file isn't being compiled, or something was changed in the Enhanced to prevent that error. Try searching thru the code in Basic and Enhanced and figure out where it is defined.
  22. Well, the big problem with using JKA for this kind of experiment is that it doesn't have a way to transfer files by command. You'd probably have to create some sort of add-on which would end up being platform specific. If you're interested in doing some experimental AI work, I do have another game project that I'm working on that is very AI heavy.
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