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  1. IMO, blood isn't really a Star Wars thing. All Star Wars weapons coterize wounds and prevent blood splurts. As for the grapple, I totally agree. Quake style grapples are the equivilent of a slow, magical, line-of-sight transporter. I'd be ok with a grapple if it had realistic physics, but that would be so hard to program.
  2. Post a bug ticket about that. Min/Max experience really should be an option on the Create Server page.
  3. All those saber realistic cvars are in SP ONLY. G_Dismember sets the rate at which dismemberments occur in MP. I think it's a 0-100 value. CG_Dismember sets which dismembers your game shows (IE, it censors the carnage). CG_Dismember 4 allows you to see all dismemberments.
  4. hold on. I just remembered that you can set a value perminately by using... seta <cvarname> <value> This might only work if used in a cfg script.
  5. The bot file's force settings determine what force powers it wants ideally. The game then cuts those back until the bot's current skills match its current skill point level. Unfortunately, it's pretty haphazard in how it cuts points and it often doesn't do it in a logical manner.
  6. Either way, at the moment we don't have a mac version of the mod. Unfortunately, macs require a different compiling method and it's a hassle to do. If we could get a volunteer who knows what they're doing, I'm sure we could make one.
  7. I've been told that a new release (with proper installer) is coming down the pipes soon. We'll update the thread then.
  8. Post a bug ticket about that. We can make the third person setting be a saved setting.
  9. From what I last remember, the geonosian gun is in texturing.
  10. Skill point differences are a part of the game. One player might be at an advantage or disadvantage based on the situation. Plus, I don't think it is fair to other players if players' HP/DP/etc reset whenever they join a duel. Players could use that to "escape" from an attack who rightfully damaged them.
  11. Yeah, we tossed about the idea of defend/attack in saber combat for a long time way back in the MotF era. Our experience since then has been that the way things are now (without modes) keeps the combat fast and intense. I like a lot of the ideas thou. We're on the same wavelength for a lot of that stuff. It's just that we've never had time to impliment all it.
  12. I know it's possible. The shocker weapon uses code like that. It would require code modifications thou.
  13. We already do. It's the sticky thread "Get OJP Here!" We need to improve communication about that. I'll talk to Max about it. Translation: Razor Ace is looking into it.
  14. Well, that's cool. Good luck moving. Personally, I HATE moving. :S
  15. It's not possible to play mods on the X-Box version of JKA. Sorry.
  16. Looks like the only modification to the .gla was in r569, when Hockey committed a lot of new data to the system. Sounds like a boo-boo. Write a bug ticket for it. I'm sure this is increasing the download size if the file size doubled.
  17. Wow, I'm up to 41 OJP related videos on my youtube playlist.
  18. I'm pretty sure that the server has a setting limiting the max rate that it communicates at as well. Man, I totally used to have a link to a guide on this. maybe try googling "tweak guide for jedi knight academy"?
  19. I gotta gripe about this. The autobuilder makes the installer automagically in less time than it takes to manually put together builds. That is what it was designed for. Plus, the autobuilder is a response to a LARGE portion of the fan population having problems with installing the mod. Most fans need this installer for every release. Use the autobuilder, it takes less time to setup than it takes to make a single release manually. Really!
  20. Couldn't you assign run to caps-lock and then tap it to toggle run? I tend to just use my pinky to press the shift button to control my running.
  21. I'm not the one to ask. Max might know. What's in those additional frames? it sounds like an accident to me.
  22. Your rate dictates the speed at which your connection is able to communicate with the server. It needs to reflect your internet connection speed. I'm sure you can find more information if you look around on the Google. From what I remember, I think 4000-5000 is dialup while 10000-15000 is cable/DSL. 250000 is probably too high unless you have a direct brain connection to the interwebs.
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