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  1. Looking good. So, how close is it to the prototyping stage? Have you tried to replace the default ledge pull-up animation yet?
  2. Well, it's a complicated process for newbies and sometimes there's versioning issues if we don't use the installer. Besides, the installer really is easier for most people.
  3. strange. I thought I set it up so you had to be in midair to be able to do a ledgegrab. Bug ticket?
  4. Trial-and-error mostly. I cut my modding teeth just looking thru the code until it made sense. I suggest you just focus on what you want to change instead of trying to understand everything. It's just too complex for a full understand of all the code. As for making DF compatible, if someone is serious about it, what really needs to be done is a lot of beta testing. Hopefully, if the tester just moves all the asset files from the DF mod folder into the OJP folder, they should be able to load up the levels manually and test them for compatibility.
  5. NVM. I've been informed of the autobuilder problems. Just be sure to post clear install instructions. Frankly, I can't understand that euro-english or whatever that is on the awardspace page.
  6. What files are missing? That's definitely not so good. So, until we get this resolved, what's the last working install file? We need to make sure that we're pointing to that in the "Get OJP" thread so that common users won't get frustrated.
  7. I hate to be picky, but this constant avoidance of the autobuilder is silly. You need to use the autobuilder and create a proper installer to avoid all the "the mod isn't working!" problems. I believe this is a big deal for most of the users. We don't want to turn them away with install issues when they've already been resolved with the autobuilder.
  8. I'm confused, why would that be confusing? All they would have to do is press forward to grab the ledge. Besides, I think it would be less confusing than asking newbies to assign another button for the ledge grabs. Imagine all the "how do I ledge grab?" question that will pop up. And I'm still worried that the use button would conflict with good use of the jetpack. Why was "touching the ground turns off the jetpack" removed?
  9. This could probably be placed as a "to do" bug ticket if people care about it.
  10. *sigh* This could be avoided if people used the autobuilder to create builds like they're supposed to. Anyway, so you don't have any of the .bat files? They aren't /GameData folder?
  11. Apprenently some people have been confused by that statement. To be clear, I'm still retired from OJP development. I just hang out on the forums to offer advice and feedback.
  12. Create some bug tickets for those issues and hopefully someone will have time to resolve them.
  13. I disagree. It would be adding yet another button to be able to fully use OJP's basic features. My keyboard is full as is.
  14. If we made it so the player wouldn't ledge grab if the player isn't pressing a direction, wouldn't that resolve that problem?
  15. What sort of situations is that occurring in?
  16. Uh, with respect, the http://ojp.awardspace.com/ site doesn't look like it is ready for prime time yet. Most of the pages are just fillers and I wasn't even given a user account on the site. Plus, the forum link should link to here rather than a brand new forums. Also, shouldn't we be posting files to filefront rather than some file dump site? Filefront seems more approprate to me.
  17. Mmm, some repackaging would probably be in order to make the levels available without blowing up the OJP menus. Quite a while ago I was working with the DF mod to make their mod CoOp. However, it didn't work out due to a lack of betatesting and organization. By the time they got around to the 6 level pack, I'd already retired from modding.
  18. Would binding it to the use button cause a conflict with the jetpack? Maybe we could make it so you have to be moving in a direction to attempt to ledge grab?
  19. We have the code for a possible v1.3 of OJP Basic, but it hasn't been released since there hasn't been enough demand for it. (Don't worry those bugfixes are still in OJP Enhanced)
  20. There are 3 possible causes of this error: 1. You pirated the game. 2. You haven't patched JKA to v1.01. 3. You're running a different/improperly installed version of OJP vs whatever is on that server.
  21. alrighty. Go ahead and commit the changes when you're finished with them.
  22. The ones associated with the new menus. Also, thanks to hocky for posting v0.1.1 to moddb. I've redirected the download link in "Get OJP Here!" to it.
  23. There's always a need for additional play testing thru the existing SP levels to see what needs to be fixed. And there's the possibility of porting the JKO levels to work in JKA CoOp.
  24. I'm sure it's possible and without too much effort. You're just going to have to talk one of the guys into doing it.
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