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  1. Oh, sorry about that. I didn't realize that you didn't have group permission to change the mod settings. You could have full access now. Also, I should always be on MSN all work day on my gmail account if you need to contact me.
  2. Yeah, that's because they didn't commit that code themselves. I ended up doing it for them. That's the reason why I'm always pushing for people to commit stuff themselves. The commit percentage is way off.
  3. If v0.1.1 is out, the moddb page and the main OJP should be updated. UDM, could you PLEASE add me and some other people to the moddb page so we can post news? I've already created a OJP Team group for that purpose.
  4. I came across a neat website that tracks interesting data about open source projects. I went ahead and added OJP to see what it would come up with. Check it out! And FYI, my contributions is a bit unbalanced because it counts the initial SDK commit and the code that I commited for other people.
  5. Apprenently you missed the email, but the Meatgrinder is gone. EscapedTurkey was having some financial issues and they had to cut all the free servers. Thanks for reminding me thou. I've removed that server from the list.
  6. oh, so you're referring to the bot types other than the TABBots? I'm not sure how those would act with the changes we've made. I only ever supported the TABBots since I made those from scratch.
  7. You could just upload the beta to filefront.com
  8. Well, I think we could at least fix the bug where the bots don't use any saber style other than the default.
  9. Unfortunately, it's not easy to keep documentation up to date. There's often interconnected references that are hard to catch, especially when we make so many changes per release like OJP does. Anyway, I'm not the only one around here who's done a lot of good work on this project. I didn't contribute anything to the latest release. Hocky and Darth Die have especially stepped up recently to cover my retirement from the mod.
  10. What's wrong with the current version of Quake Wars?
  11. hmmm,maybe we could talk the install program into removing the older versions of the mod. Is this the main source of problems or are mods-in-da-base-folder a major cause as well?
  12. Maybe we should start a Known Bugs FAQs thread since it seems like there's a lot of issues like this that can be resolved by workarounds or proper installations.
  13. The Unbeholden, if you want to help with the manuals, I can set you up with a SVN account so you can change the docutments yourself.
  14. You're welcome. Thank you for spending the time to spread the word about OJP.
  15. You mean on your routing or on Siege maps in general?
  16. How about you pass that to Hocky or Darth Die so they can toss that into the next OJP release?
  17. Thanks for the trailer. I like the way the features are listed and then shown. But, I think you need to get a better font for the subtitles.
  18. You'd think that the MOTD for old versions and the installer would have helped with that. And yeah, release dates are tuff to maintain. It's way easier to just release when you're ready.
  19. ok, well, that's actually by design. Players have to purchase the dual/staff saber combat styles seperately. This was done for balancing reasons since dual/staff weapons are inheritely better than single saber out-of-the-gate.
  20. Are you saving it as the same filename? It sounds like they might be conflicting. Also, the beta testing forum isn't the best place for asking questions like this. You should use the various mod forums.
  21. On step 3, do you mean that you selected the dual/staff saber skill or saber type from the sabers menu?
  22. Could you be very specific about which points you're selecting and in what order? maybe someone will be able to reproduce it from that.
  23. oh, so that's the reason. Sounds like a bug ticketable issue.
  24. Temp banning seems fine to me as long as it includes understandable messages to the clients explaining what is happening. Is the basic idea here that tempbanning bumps the player from the server for a given period or time or does it just force them into spectator mode? As for a mute command, I think this should be a client side command instead of an admin only command. The players should decide who they listen to and not the admins. Finally, there's a reason why cheat commands require the game to be in cheat mode. If people really want the npc/vehicle spawn stuff to be a part of the game, we should try to add it as a gameplay element. Maybe spawning costs the player score based on what they spawn? Or maybe it should be a buyable skill?
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