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  1. It seemed to have worked for me. Hold on, which version is this file? The install says that it's v0.0.9v. That's OOOLLLD.
  2. Hold on, are you looking to add bots or NPCs? Bots are AI controlled players and NPCs are characters like storm troopers and such.
  3. Oh, I totally hate that too! It is probably the worst aspect of modding.
  4. Are you running in single player or multiplayer?
  5. sorry about that. We were having to block bogus/temp servers from the list. I've added yours.
  6. ^Agent008's OJP Server (
  7. Oh, I know. I added Siege bot routing to a few maps, but they never really caught on (or were never completed). It's not hard to add routes to new maps by yourself. There's some documentation in the OJP docs.
  8. The game crashes when a seeker touches a forcefield? That's not good. Bug ticket!
  9. Yeah, don't listen to ensi on this. Thanks for letting us know.
  10. Sorry to be the nay-sayer, but I'm against it. It goes against the concept of a open skill system if certain item combinations are banned. Secondly, based on the way the code works, this might be a bit tricky to impliment properly (but not impossible). Don't take that as an admin veto or something. Majority rules around here.
  11. It's all good. Thanks for the video, Alec.
  12. Yeah, you might be out of luck. Even with the source code, I imagine that MB2's siege mode has been heavily modified. As such, it would take a lot of work to get OJP's TABBots to work with them.
  13. Well, DD and Hocky are still actively working on issues and fixes. Making bug tickets will help them out...I think.
  14. I'm glad to hear you're making progress. (But I can't be a beta tester)
  15. oh yeah? Is there a bug ticket for that?
  16. Thanks for the nice comments DDROM. It's technically possible to do another Basic release, someone just has to spend the time to do so. Any one want to volunteer?
  17. Yeah, probably not, but we could at least get some more exposure if we get into the top 100.
  18. Guys, the annual moddb Mod of the Year contest is on between Dec 1st and Jan 1st. Vote for OJP Enhanced today!
  19. Mind emailing the moddb admins about the issue? I'd really like our team group to be associated with the actual mod. And, yeah, the layout has some issues, but I think it's got promise if they figure out some of the obvious issues.
  20. Well, that's weird. The TABBots should attack the turrets and sometimes go thru the Wampa Cave. I spent a lot of time getting that to work. Anyway, if you mess around with the OJP dlls, you're going to break OJP since all the major changes occur in those dlls.
  21. That could very well be it. Unfortunately, the coders need some foolproof steps to make it happen before they can fix it.
  22. I'm hearing reports that Enhanced v0.1.0's Siege mode is completely broken. Can anyone confirm?
  23. I don't know. I don't have experience with the animator side of things. Have you tried the animations in Modview? It does interpolation and might be a better tool for examining your work.
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