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    Have you trying looking for the dismemberment code and working back from there? You could also try looking at the Quake 3 code, as it is the same engine and Quake 3 has gibs. NOTE: This is the work forum for this. You want the general editing or coding forums......
  2. Sounds like fun. Go for it!
  3. As far as I know, there's no need to update your mods. The source code released for JK2 was in fact the 1.04 release of the code.
  4. razorace


    Why does GSA get so few server choices? Does it not use the Master server to get most of its server list?
  5. razorace


    Plus, they use some sort of living weapons as their primary weapon. That would take AGES to reproduct inside the game. new anim, motions, weapons, models, skins, the whole shebang.
  6. The newest version I've seen was 1.1 at http://www.jk2files.com
  7. I've heard people suggesting a DBZ mod for JK2 but I'm not aware of one being made. However, there is a large DBZ mod for Quake 3 at http://www.bidforpower.com.
  8. My favorite mod at the moment is Jedi Styles. It makes the normal saber battling feel more realistic.
  9. It looks like the lastest patch didn't effect SP at all. I also get a 1.03 in my SP version also.
  10. It's ok as long as you just post a link to the demo file. Don't attach the file directly to your post. Don't worry thou, I don't think you can in fact attach a file directly anyway.
  11. Do you mean the item names for the SP cheat mode?
  12. When does it give you this error message? Are you using any mods?
  13. Didn't they answer your question about how to get screenshots to work with a voodoo 4/5?
  14. Did you change anything before this error occurred? Have you tried reseting your computer?
  15. Well, I got a list of the hidden skins up at the unofficial Forum FAQ, here.
  16. What does the red flashing screen say? oh, nm. Sounds like you need to make a trip to http://www.lucasarts.com and check out their help section.
  17. The butterfly move? Do you mean the yellow special?
  18. razorace


    CS is big because a lot of people started playing MP JUST to play that game. Don't sweat it, in time it will fade away too. As for JK2 maybe you should try just using the ingame brouser instead. Gamespy doesn't seem to get as many servers. At least we HAVE ingame brousers. Back in the day, we had to MANUALLY input ip addresses, and WE LIKE IT. Don't fett about the JK2 community, once we clean out all the "l337 H@x0R$", spammers, and people who whine 24/7 about the patches, things will look great. Currently, my project is to clean out all the constantly reposted newbie questions with a nice, big, friendly Forum FAQs. Hopefully with enough time we can come up with a mod to prevent all the Grip / push / pull / DFA / BS / etc. whorin' that comes around whenever a game is meant to won.
  19. hmmm...sounds the server you tried to connect to had a mod that you didn't have. Try turning on auto-download and try again.
  20. razorace


    I haven't heard of any plans. I imagine it would be very hard to do as the Yuuzhan Vong have a unique combat style. Plus, a lot of people don't like the whole New Jedi Order series to start with so getting people to make one maybe a bit tricky.
  21. Interesting....I'll have to ask him and then strangle him if that's the reason. His AOL has been plagueing him for years.
  22. Well, we couldn't get it to work. But I guess it could be user error....he's really bad about not following instructions and such.
  23. I don't know about that....there are still some bugs that need smashing and the game can always use some balance fixes.
  24. yeah, aol blows chunks, it's got some sort of uber-firewall that "protects" the users from the big, scary internet.
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