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  1. GoldenFrog, I believe there's a bot named Yoda in Jedi Mod 1.1 but it's a model scaled down Katarn at the moment. Once someone completes a Yoda model Imagine everyone will have it.
  2. I think this is normal with any popular modable game. There's a whole bunch right off the bat. Then a lul as people work on their bigger projects. And, finally, the big wave of completed projects.
  3. uumMM...would any of these old game mods be anything other than straight ports from other games? Sure, there's the lightsaber, but is it really worth porting every game mode to every new game that comes out? Sides, wouldn't that be leeching ideas off the original creators? Razor Ace
  4. I've discovered what I believe is a previously undiscovered game bug. When playing in Jedi Master mode the the turrets will target and fire on team members (people without the saber) after the saber has been picked up. This is a minor thing but it's a bit of a surprise when your turret turns and kills a friendly teammate. BTW, Raven soft, thank you for the previous two patches. Please ignore the vast majority of people on this board that seem to believe that the x (the old patch) is bettter than y (the new patch). It simply isn't true. Each patch has constantly improved the game. Thank you. Razor Ace
  5. Light vs. Dark is already in the game, dude. Razor Ace
  6. [sarcasm mode] Yeah, but if they were original, A) it would be more WORK and B)there'd be 90% less mods in the world. [/sarcasm mode]
  7. I'd disagree that the backstab was nerfed too much, it's still quite useable for what it was intended....an attack of style and oppertunity. If anything, it's the guns that need a good nerfing. Rocket launchers should be slow to fire, low on ammo, and force you to stand still to fire. The heavy repeater's secondary is ONLY designed as a jedi killer, it needs to be removed or changed. All the weapons SHOULD be secondary to the jedi powers and light saber. Now, if you added a score adjust to make the weaker weapons score more points (like Mechwarrior 4's absolute atrition) then both gun and saber fighters could play without it being unfair. Razor Ace
  8. I feel that the special moves are designed to be just that, special. It seems to me that people are putting way too much time into fighting over "Dude, this move is lame." "No, it isn't, you are!" than trying to figure out a way to have the moves IN the game and still be fun. Personally, my vision for the standard JK2 is to make the game as much like traditional saber battles as possible. By tradition, I mean mostly ground-based standard saber strike / parries with a few force powered evades / attacks in for coolness and style. As it is now, JK2 v1.04 is pretty good about making the "specials" not overwhelming powerful (as in more pros than cons) with the possible exception of the kick. The kick is a complicated matter to balance as you want it to be quickly available when there is an opening, but not spammed to death. The problem now is that the kick is WAY too easy to land in a normal situation. A jedi can kick basically anyone in any situation without penalty. While kicks look cool, I shouldn't and don't want to see all the fights turn into running up and down my opponent's face until one of us wins. It seems to me that the basic physics of the move needs to be alter to make this a move of oppertunity instead of THE MOVE. Any suggestions? Razor Ace
  9. Thanks Dest, documentation = good. BTW, on another note, am I the only one who can't get the reply email notification to work? or is it broken like the search function? Razor Ace
  10. I think the idea is that the crystals emit the Force on a temp. basis and therefore can't be saved for later. Razor Ace
  11. Jedi Mod is cool and all but the documents NEED to be completed. Just listing the commands doesn't help worth beans. We need detailed description for the commands and changes. This does just apply to Jedi Mod. ALL MODs need better documentation!!!
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