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  1. sithlord31, did you ever resolve your problem? What version of OJP are you running?
  2. Sorry, Kurgan, you've suggested everything that I can think of at the moment. Did the problem ever go away? My understanding is that the engine is freaking because there are too many CVARs being used at once. Not sure why this would be a problem with a fresh install thou....
  3. Looks cool. I suggest that you move fall-kill-zone down from the sides of the rocket train. It looks better if the player falls a little bit before dieing and allows jetpack users a few seconds to recover if possible.
  4. There are some AI character definition files but I don't remember where they are. But this sounds like a coding issue and not something that can be fixed with the AI definitions. Bug the OJP team until they fix it.
  5. What happens if you spawn them in manually while ingame?
  6. - How many skill points is the game starting with? It's possible that the jedi don't have enough points to get a lightsaber and therefore can't attack. Have you tried it with just jedi vs jedi? If they run up and start punching each other, that means the point level is set too low. - It could be a AI bug.
  7. Try the new forums @ http://www.ojp.squirrel-banter.co.uk/board.
  8. Do the NPCs attack the red team? I think the problem is that the red team is on the same team as the stormtroopers and therefore don't attack their "teammates".
  9. I'm out of JKA development for good. I simply can't afford to work for free anymore. Thus is life. As for those waypoint issues mentioned, someone could try playing around with the waypoints in the waypoint editor without knowing programming.
  10. Sorry you couldn't find anyone to play with Kurgan. Better luck next time?
  11. Have you patched the game? Are you trying to run it on a Mac? So, you can't even get to the main menu? Can you bring up the console by pressing tilde "~"? If so, what does the console list as output?
  12. Hi Tyris1013, I hope you'll join us on the new forums. And you're totally right, the saber manual is confusing to newbies. That's something we haven't been able to resolve yet. I suggest you stick with it and play online with some of the vets. You'll get everything in no time.
  13. People play JKA in different ways. Let's not argue about which is the "right" way to do it.
  14. I don't really see it happening. RPGing isn't a big priority for the team. Sorry if I sound like a negative nelly.
  15. mmmm, maybe something like //[Animevent] or //[AnimeventSys]. It's been so long since I worked on that.
  16. Sith Lord of Awesome = Razor Ace Fixed.
  17. You might be able to isolate changes based on the code tag they were given. Example //[saberSys]. But some features might be interdependent.
  18. It's going to be difficult to get MB2 fully working outside of their Siege mode.
  19. I don't know. I haven't tried OJP on Vista.
  20. That's normal. All the changes made to make CoOp work break SP. Sorry. :S
  21. I haven't seen that one before. Has anyone else gotten it?
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