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  1. There's only about 3 or 4 sparks in question that are actually spawned, and they shift from their designated color to their default yellow fairly quickly, so a trained eye will probably not even notice them.


    How's that for parry-indication?

    Sounds good, ut we're going to have to see how it works in practice. :)

  2. I don't think we need recharging armor. I don't think armor is very effective in Star Wars. It doesn't seem to do anything vs blasters or lightsabers.


    As for movement speeds, I don't think it's a horrible idea, but I think it might be over-complicating things. People are having a hard enough time understanding the saber combat system as is.

  3. gosh darth, get where Razorace lives and move in with him! I can see it now


    Darthdie: *knock on Razorace's door*

    Razorace: *Opens door* hello?

    Darthdie: Hey, I'm Darthdie... you know, from OJP. I kinda need a place to hang while I find a new house...

    I don't think my wife would approve.

  4. I would think that a camera lock on mechanism so that you are always facing your opponent during combat, especially during duels would be a good idea. Then it'll be much easier to play for newbies, and it will free the mouse from pointing functions, which then can be used for other things, such as pinpointing the exact location/direction to strike. There should be an option for advanced users to turn it off at times though.


    I always wanted to try something like that. However, once we figured out that movement key based combat worked so well, it kind of got dropped by the way-side.

  5. So, you're suggesting that team-killing or suicides could reduce your skill point count?


    That seems reasonable to me as long as it's a server setting. I'd also suggest that you shouldn't be able to lose points below the starting exp points setting.

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