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  1. Well, the radio of Last is another cattegory; it plays a selected kind of music, but mostly the songs can't be manually played. Though there are some songs from Last's page You can play manually, most of them will have only 30 seconds (so the user can "test" a song)


    You can get around the time limits by adding them to your library and then listen to your library. The downside is that you can't choice which song to play while listening to your library.


    Does anyone know how to remove songs from your library without banning them?

  2. You need to set the rcon password in your cfg file and then set your rcon password to be that password. You'll then be able to do commands just like you're the server using

    /rcon <command>

    For example, if you want to load a new map manually you'd do...

    /rcon map <mapname>

  3. I was sorta trying to cryptically hint that you should write some code in the bot section that makes bots have a "favored" style that they will use most of the time, determined in the .bot file. By most of the time I mean they will use Shii-Cho until they can buy the form and use it 100% from there on out.

    Seems like a reasonable request. Is there a bug ticket for this yet?

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