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  1. Does the gun auto reload if you try to keep firing? That's a common shooter convention.
  2. I think it should remain a setable option. Some people prefer to keep the action going.
  3. How is breathing done? By having a multi-frame animation and setting the framerate really really low?
  4. Yar! And a big one it be! It must be over 20 yards! Only with the linux server running?
  5. Right. We've learned from experience that admins can and will abuse overpowered abilities if they are given access to them. For example, some jerk could rename someone to something inapproprate or mean.
  6. I saw the commit log for this post today. Hopefully that commit was the entire update.
  7. I believe DarthDie made a linux build of the latest version. Try looking around the forums for the link and let me know. I'll post it in the Get OJP thread when you find it.
  8. So, what does it do? Force player name changes? I'd think ban/kick would be able to handle that.
  9. I think there's a whisper chat command, but not one that's based on distance between players.
  10. Actually, I did the Asteroids mod port and it was completed a long, long time ago. Any bugs should be posted in the bug tracker so they can be looked at.
  11. Is the server linux or windows based?
  12. We've already done that to a degree.
  13. What does the Unlimited mod do?
  14. you probably have g_minplayers (I think that's it) set to something non-zero. It should be zero if you're manually adding bots.
  15. I think it wouldn't be practical without new maps. :|
  16. Most games with tactical aiming, like Rainbow 6: Vegas, don't have screenshake when they fire their guns. Instead, the crosshairs get bigger to indicate bullet spray. Maybe we could do that.
  17. I think it's something like g_lastmanstanding or something like that.
  18. I think the main issue with new gametypes is people tend to stick with the 1-2 that they really like and then loathe the rest. I'd suggest testing out custom rule sets thru gentleman agreements to determine which gametypes rule/drool before fully implimenting them. I like the "guard the force-sensitive" idea. Maybe it could be "Protect the Emperor"?
  19. DD just posted a Linux build for you guys. You should check it out.
  20. I think they have another host in mind but thank you anyway.
  21. mmm, I don't think we're going to be able to keep up with all the updates. Heck, even the first revision of the ingame docs hasn't been completed.
  22. I think we need to focus on getting all the OJP documentation onto a dedicated OJP wiki vs having a ingame manual. Having a ingame manual would double the amount of documentation work to do for updates. :S
  23. It's difficult to add additional saber style from a coding standpoint. Plus, the number of new animations needed for a new, unique animation is huge.
  24. I might be able to tell better if you posted a video of the glitch in action. As for compatibility, it's not really practical. Any mod that adds animations is going to have an animation.cfg that is unique. Sorry. :S
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