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  1. Someone needs to get this man a linux build, STAT!
  2. It's possible, but you'd have to do a heavy amount of code modifications to get it to work.
  3. It's possible with code changes. WIthout code changes, I think you can do it for Siege with some file modifications.
  4. Which links are the bad ones? I can edit his post. Also, big improvement from the last batch.
  5. You probably didn't set the gametype to CoOp mode. I don't remember what it is for sure, but I think it's "/g_gametype 5" in the ingame console. You should set the gametype before loading into a SP level.
  6. Are you using the patched version of the linux dedicated?
  7. Did someone use the autobuilder to make the build? It's possible that the autobuilder script needs to except the screenshot dir.
  8. Guys, this isn't the MB2 forums. Let's be nice.
  9. I see. Yeah this needs to be bug ticketed. Sounds like the bots aren't using the dual/staff saber styles when they should be.
  10. Have you tried setting the starting experience points to a high number, like 100?
  11. It would probably be hard for a newbie to do. But..if you know C, you could work it out by learning the parts of the code that make this happen.
  12. mmmm, before this deevolves into a fight, I think Max is basically saying that we have limited development resources and they need to be focused on other features based on the current situation of the mod.
  13. It won't be an automated power. You'd still have to aim it at your target enemy. It would probably work very similar to Force Push from JK1.
  14. Make sure to check the revisions made by DD since the last release. You might have forgotten something and the changelist logs should fill you in.
  15. Did they patch the game with JKA 1.01?
  16. Don't listen to Max, he's just grumpy. I the TABBots. Anyway, the main reason why the TABBots aren't getting much love is because I've retired from the project and I'm the one who made the TABBots.
  17. I'm suggesting that it might work better as a more automated force power. IE, using it directly on your enemy vs manually picking something up with Force Grip and then throwing it.
  18. My preference has always been to focus on powers seen in the movies. Since I read an interesting article about the paradox of having TOO many gameplay options, I've been thinking it might be best to leave those powers out. Instead we should focus on adding new interactivity to our existing powers. Besides, I was never able to come up with a good ideas for Rage/Protect anyway. Everything I thought of could pretty much be replaced by passive stat improvement skills. A new power that I can think if would be "Telekinesis". This power would allow the player to fling nearby objects (dropped guns, items, seekers, other players?) at the targeted enemy. There was a very similar power to this in JK. In addition, it might be cool if this power could be used to slam defenseless players into the target enemy. Could look cool. Since the normal spawn points aren't used for guns and items anymore, we could use that locational data to drop random boxes, crates, and crap into the map to give TK users something to throw. As for having some sort of "prediction" ability, it might be possible to add some sort of "warning" power to Jedi by doing some environment scanning. Things that I think could be doable would be: - Indicate the block direction needed for an incoming saber attack. - Show the direction of incoming weapons fire.
  19. Sure, we can do that. Come talk to me on IM and we'll figure it out.
  20. Is this Refer to Jack Thompson Day? Cause Max seriously mentioned Jack in every post he did today.
  21. I agree with Tapela. However, I can see the desire to have more control over the style controls. As a low priority addition, it could be pretty easy to setup some server commands that switch to a given style directly.
  22. Good times. Thanks for the filter Matta.
  23. If this is continuing to be a problem. We might need to enforce harder version mismatch behavior. Maybe bump players without the current version from the server with a explaination on where to get the latest version. Secondly, you guys really need to use the autobuilder to create builds. It's very easy to use and results in a fancy installer that takes the difficulty out of installing the mod. Max, why aren't you commiting files directly to the repository? You need to be doing that instead of going thru DD. I know from experience that being the middleman for commiting changes is a pain-in-the-butt. SVN is easy to setup and it's THE WAY to preventing file screwups. THAT GOES FOR ALL TEAM MEMBERS! *Puts away the boss whip* The whip screenshot was just a concept shot. It turned out that implimentation of said whip was too hard to do. As for the minigun, last I heard was that it was still being worked on.
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