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  1. EDIT: I tried loading SP maps in MP already and all it did was load the maps as if it was MP, and everything was funky.

    You probably didn't set the gametype to CoOp mode. I don't remember what it is for sure, but I think it's "/g_gametype 5" in the ingame console. You should set the gametype before loading into a SP level.

  2. Also, I took a look at the ojp_enhancedstuff.pk3 file, since it was so massive in size compared to the latest one. Do you really need all those custom effects and what about all those screenshots in there of DarthDie with a swastika of demo charges.

    Did someone use the autobuilder to make the build? It's possible that the autobuilder script needs to except the screenshot dir.

  3. My preference has always been to focus on powers seen in the movies.


    Since I read an interesting article about the paradox of having TOO many gameplay options, I've been thinking it might be best to leave those powers out. Instead we should focus on adding new interactivity to our existing powers.


    Besides, I was never able to come up with a good ideas for Rage/Protect anyway. :) Everything I thought of could pretty much be replaced by passive stat improvement skills.


    A new power that I can think if would be "Telekinesis". This power would allow the player to fling nearby objects (dropped guns, items, seekers, other players?) at the targeted enemy. There was a very similar power to this in JK. In addition, it might be cool if this power could be used to slam defenseless players into the target enemy. Could look cool. :)


    Since the normal spawn points aren't used for guns and items anymore, we could use that locational data to drop random boxes, crates, and crap into the map to give TK users something to throw.


    As for having some sort of "prediction" ability, it might be possible to add some sort of "warning" power to Jedi by doing some environment scanning. Things that I think could be doable would be:

    - Indicate the block direction needed for an incoming saber attack.

    - Show the direction of incoming weapons fire.

  4. As I might've said before to some of you, most of the bugs have been traced and smitten by Darth. Seems like there are two causes:

    If this is continuing to be a problem. We might need to enforce harder version mismatch behavior. Maybe bump players without the current version from the server with a explaination on where to get the latest version.


    Secondly, you guys really need to use the autobuilder to create builds. It's very easy to use and results in a fancy installer that takes the difficulty out of installing the mod.


    The sudden change of gun effects was all my fault, as I forgot to send Darth some /gfx/ files that I just didn't think of when I was sending him /effects/ files.

    Expect more information soon, but don't get your hopes up too soon lest you want to get disappointed by another bug we cleared 2 years ago.

    Max, why aren't you commiting files directly to the repository? You need to be doing that instead of going thru DD. I know from experience that being the middleman for commiting changes is a pain-in-the-butt. SVN is easy to setup and it's THE WAY to preventing file screwups.




    *Puts away the boss whip*


    What Ever Happend To Your Whip And The Mini Gun


    The whip screenshot was just a concept shot. It turned out that implimentation of said whip was too hard to do.


    As for the minigun, last I heard was that it was still being worked on.

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