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  1. The only ones, ironically, that relate to me are 16/17. Welcome to the wonders of living in the country. When summer comes around, you trampoline with friends, drink with friends, swim with friends, see movies with friends, go see live bands with friends, you keep in touch with'em. The solitaire thing, eh, months really. As for the job ones, I work in a grocery store. And yes, my boss can do the job as good as me. Far better in fact...smug bastard.
  2. Ey...just thought I'd drop in. May as well, as I haven't been here in a while. Just been doing things, same as always. Here, have an update: I can now do a backflip on a trampoline, I've tried a front flip while drunk got whiplash, just saw Dodgeball it's hilarious, been getting roughly 12 hours of sleep a day, but when I actually do work I work about 10 hours a day on average, life's sweet, can't feel my legs, got a new CD...and that basically sums it up. Life's great. Have fun with yours. Man, that should so be a slogan for something
  3. The library? Bah. No one goes there anymore. Hello again everyone
  4. *Walks in* *Cries* Oh, man. I'm so bored, so mind-numbingly bored. So tired. Can't finish biology. Can't talk to people. Just want to sleep, but I need to do something. Can't wait till tomorrow and hockey, saturday and skiing, sunday and snowboarding. I just need something to do. By the way, Senators better damn well beat the leafs or I'm gonna be angry something fierce.
  5. *giggles* Hehheh, yeah, well, a bunch of us are going back to the ski hill this weekend, but we're gonna try snowboarding...don't think it's gonna be the healthiest idea. Last time I tried snowboarding I spent ten minutes trying to pull myself out of a tree. Harder than it sounds when you're upside-down. That's why I keep my ass on skis, meh. Here's hoping.
  6. Ey. Back for a moment. Went skiing today, I now hurt. Kept trying to do some tricks off a jump that lead into the bush, wasn't overly easy. snapped my skis off like 3 times. But we did so many stunts, made it worth it. Now I have a cold, my nose hurts...
  7. %$#&ing New Year's. Had three potentially bitchin parties and where do I get stuck? My aunt's...an apartment where the youngest resident is 50+, no drinking, no sweet hats, no real party. But hey, I could've dealt with that but I was somewhat less than happy to hear than one of my incredibly close female friends got wrecked at one of the parties and started making out with this one guy who's the typical male stereotype with only 1 damn thing on his mind. I don't think they went any further than that but it still bothers me to see her with him. Right now I'm going on 36 hours without sleep because it's been somewhat of a bad week for me and saying I'm irritable right now would be a killer understatement.
  8. Well the chocolate milk's mine. Hands off cretins! Okay...you can have some. I'm sorry, I was just being overprotective.
  9. Eyheyhey. Well done. I got a few more months to go yet.
  10. Whatever the guy attacking me is using. It's so much more satisfying to screw them over when they attacked with a weapon. But if I had to pick, I'd say a switch. Easy to hide, easy to get rid of, easy to obtain. Plus it provides more of a challenge than just standing four feet back and cutting some guy up from a distance. I want some hand to hand baby, yea.
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