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  1. Wow. At the beginning ofthios thread I was pretty sceptic, but now... THANKS RAVEN for all the info!
  2. Oh well... since there are still NO other sources around on this, I'll now consider this whole story a really bad joke - until proven otherwise; - COVER Story! - 6 full pages preview -> pretty 'odd' secret link and some other strange stuff ==> BAD joke... If this turns out to be true that would be a real shame for a once good magazine (haven't read it for some time though)
  3. Oh yeah, I imagine how many law suits GameStar would face IF this turns out to be an "april fools" gag (it's called "Aprilscherz" - no idea how to translate that correctly). Let's all hope the best
  4. Yeah well... haven't seen it myself yet, but it looks like they have 6 full pages on JK3.... if that ain't promising GameStar is actually one of the most important game mags in europe, so such stuff isn't all that odd - surprising sure, but well who cares I'll look around a bit more and see if I can find some scans. The jk2.net staff doesn't seem to have any more info, since they aven't yet posted about it.
  5. See here: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=95754
  6. Well what should I say? Here is what i send in to the JediKnightii.net Staff as a news: What everyone should do now is jsut check out GameStar's Frontpage and judge for themselves. GameStar has a pretty good reputation and I'm sure that it's true, but the 'secret link' they claim to have on the cover is a bit dubious ain't it? Don't bother trying to find more news within gamestar.de - the cover is all that's there ... Quick translation of the main points: They claim to have been able to actually PLAY the game.... So I'd like to say somthing to the subscribers of gamestar: SEND IN SCANS! ;D
  7. One thing i wanted to point out (sorry, if someone already did this, but who cares): This 'Pro' MOD is pretty different from what we call 'Jedi Outcast', so basically i wanted to say that I wouldn't be that right if every JK2 ladder and whatever switched to ProMOD as ther official JK2 Competition. It is not JK2 anymore. Be they good or bad, some of the changes are pretty fundamental and do things with JK2 that some will love and others won't like at all. Therefore, it simply WON'T be accepted as a replacement for JK2, so please don't go that route but try to establish something new. 'cause thats what it is. A new game. I don't want to flame or anything, just trying to point this out :/ The fact that I don't like some of the changes has nothing to do with this post, and I won't annoy anyone with my personal opinion.
  8. You can see what it will be like right now. Just join one of the 1.03a/u104 Servers. That very much is the next patch.
  9. Oh well, I'm really wondering if the combination of 1.04 Server binaries, and the 1.04 Patch for both Servers and Clients will fix this Saber Throw bug I had so much trouble with in 1.03a. If it does that would be great.. I could finally play on my server and have saber throw balanced out a bit more.
  10. i think the Patch will be good yes. Because all of us now by now what it actually does. This official 1.04 patch IS 1.03a... and 1.03a does GREAT stuff to balance out saber combat. it's not perfect though (I'd liked to see saber throw, kick and blue lunge given some more balance when compared to the other moves as well), and I know others don't like it, because saber fights still take their time.... I just hope that saber throw will work for me and my there and that it won't take too long until I can get my simple MOD up and running again (to remove kick damage, and balance out saber throw more).... Oh yeah.. if throw would work now, so I could finally balance it out a bit that would be sweet
  11. Oh well, I'm really wondering if the combination of 1.04 Server binaries, and the 1.04 Patch for both Servers and Clients will fix this Saber Throw bug I had so much trouble with in 1.03a. If not.... oh oh :/
  12. AGREED! The 'blue uppercut' is the one move I consider overpoweered myself. But not due to some massive damage it might do... it doesn't do more than the other specials, I think it's jsut way to easy to execute. My idea is to have a delay.. you need to be ducked for about 1.5 seconds before you could uppercut... so it wouldnt be usable as a surprise move, and ducking when the enemy is close to you just to upeprcut will surely not be *that* a good idea. Anyways removing some of the damage is maybe the easiest sollution...
  13. From these three I'd have to say 1.04. Raven did a FANTASTIC job in balancing out the game, especially for duels. So I use 1.03a+, that basicall is 1.04 with kick doing NO damage (I have to say I feel this change is REALLY important to the game's balance). -> i LIKE what Raven did with 1.03a,great balance, so I tried to keep as close to this as possible with my MOD. It has some changes to throw as well, that I feel make throw more 'real' and less spammable (while still beeing powerfull), but since I always get this NASTY saber throw bug with every 1.03a MOD I had to disable throw anyway
  14. Well, these are jsut my two useless cents: Kick is nice, I like kick... but wait! Kick in its standard form does 18 damage! Sorry but that IS too much. Kick is SO easily executed and there is virtually nothing you could block it with (just avoid it...."run forrest, RUN!" ... nah). Kicking someone from 100hp down to 0 is easy if you want to. problem is: There are always some people trying to misuse or abuse certain moves. So what do do? FFA Duels have been changed just right in 1.03a - in there Kick does NO damage, but still you can knock your opponent down. Thats just what has been done for my 1.03a MOD, that I use on a Duel server... down there Kick does NO damage... and it is a WELL balanced move now. Still a very powerfull counter against all those specials, but rather a defensive move an offensive... It shouldn't be anyway /me thinks. So yeah.... I like kick, the way it is on my server
  15. ]V[GoldEagle, if setting kick damage to zero is the ONLY change you wat to have from 'u104', without any customizability or changes to other stuff from the original 1.03a Sourc eCode (or 'u104') You might as well get this file: The only change is that kick does No damage.. all the rest is jsut like the standard Source Code. The Kick damage hast simply been commented out of the Source. Thats about it. Works well. i did this to test out something about my little MOD, where additionally to the kick change there has been some tweakage to saber throw... but that is not included here (saber throw gives me some serious problems with every 1.03a MOD :/) http://www.deadhand.com/download/u104_NO_kick_damage/jk2mpgame.qvm Hope this helps you. If you have any questions just post.
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