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  1. what the 'SPSKILL 4' command does is it puts all the skill levels combined at the same time. so when on JEDI skill level where you would normally have a rebornfencer, you have 2 reborns, a forceuser AND the fencer at the same time.
  2. i think you can find all you need here: JK2SP Strategy Guide save this and enjoy!
  3. in the console, type: spskill 4 i think you will find that... a little more ..enjoyable?
  4. yes, you will. to just make them smaller or bigger, type in: scale 100 (no x's or y's or anything
  5. you have to edit the npcs.cfg file. it is in assets0.pk3. under /ext_data/npcs.cfg 1)go down the list and find kyle2)modify it so that it looks like this: Kyle { fullName "Katarn, Kyle" playerModel kyle saberColor blue reactions 4 aim 5 move 3 aggression 5 evasion 5 intelligence 5 playerTeam player // race human class kyle snd kyle sndcombat kyle sndjedi kyle scaleX 100 scaleY 100 scaleZ 100 dismemberProbHead 1 dismemberProbArms 1 dismemberProbHands 20 dismemberProbLegs 1 dismemberProbWaist 1 } to modify it as big or small as you want, just edit the 'scale' sections. 100 = regular size
  6. i just bound it like this: open the console. type in: bind x thereisnospoon
  7. here is a timeline for the books in SW: in order from ANH: YEAR title --------------------------------------- BEFORE 44 jedi appentice series 33 darth maul: sabatuer cloak of deception32.5 darth maul shadow hunter 32 EPISODE I 29 rogue planet 22.5 the approaching storm 22 EPISODE II 20 EPISODE III 10-0 han solo trilogy 5-2 the adventures of lando calrissian the han solo adventures 0 EPISODE IV AFTER 0-3 tales of the mos eisley cantina splinter of the minds eye 3 EPISODE V tales of the bounty hunters 3.5 shadows of the empire 4 EPISODE VI the truce at bakura tales from jabba's palace the bounty hunter wars 6.5-7.5 X-Wing series 8 the courtship of princess leia 9 X-wing: isard's revenge the thrawn trilogy 11 i, jedi the jedi academy trilogy 12-13 children of the jedi darksaber planet of twilight X-Wing: starfighters of adumar 14 the crystal star 16-17 the black fleet crisis trilogy 17 the new rebellion 18 the corellian trilogy 19 hand of thrawn duology 22 junior jedi knights series 23-24 young jedi knights series 25-30 vector prime dark tide I: onslaught dark tide II: ruin agents of chaos I: hero's trial agents of chaos II: jedi eclipse balance point recovery edge of victory I: conquest edge of victory II: rebirth star by star dark journey rebel dream rebel stand
  8. you have to tap forward and jump VERY fast. it is rather hard to do. you can also fly on your side by tapping one of the strafe keys and jump fast. good luck!
  9. i didn't think that the book was as well written as some, like the thrawn trilogy. but it was an okay book. it is set 12 - 13 years after ANH, between children of the jedi and planet of twilight.
  10. type "shift" and "~" to open the console. then type "devmapall MAPNAME" where MAPNAME is the name of the map.(be sure to put a space between devmapall and the mapname) to get the double-bladed saber, select you saber, shut it off and open the console after cheats have been activated and type "/thedestroyer"
  11. to get out of an enemy that you're controlling with mindtrick 4, simply press the mindtrick hotkey. STANDARD: F4 you can't use the F (force) key to get out even if you used it to control the guy in the first place.
  12. god God mode noclip No clipping mode; walk through walls notarget Enemy AI disabled kill Kill yourself give all All weapons, max stats give health Full health give armor Full armor give ammo Full ammo give [item] [#] Get indicated amount of desired items give weaponnum [1-?] Gives you the weapon where Tells you where an entity is victory Plays a sound drive_atst Ride an ATST fly_xwing Fly an X-Wing & Crashes JKII setviewpos [X] [Y] [Z] [YAW] Allows you to warp to those coordinates on the map. undying Sets max health/armor to 999 taunt Makes the lightsaber handle pin in kyle's hands levelshot Takes a screen shot without the HUD devmap [mapname] To activate the cheats (Multiplayer) HelpUsObi 1 To activate the cheats (Single Player) npc spawn [character] Will spawn a character of your choice. npc kill all Kills all npcs on the level map X Jump to Level X setmindtrick 99 control desann give batteries full batteries use atst_death destroy at-st's screenshot screenshot with console r_showtris ! wireframe display g_dismemberment 1 sets lightsaber dismemberment (have ui_iscensored = 0 config thereisnospoon Max Payne style-bullettime control [npc name] control friendly follower UNKNOWN----------- com_speeds ! exitview nav r_speeds ! viewobjective [objective number] setobjective [objective number] [display status] [status] -----------------multiplayer-------------- One impressive multiplayer cheat is the double-bladed light saber. Here's how you activate it: (1) Start a multiplayer game. (2) Select your lightsaber, and turn it off while your still holding it. (Press #1 two times.) (3) Activate the console by pressing [sHIFT & ~] (4) Type devmap [map name] - example: devmap ffa_yavin (5) type /THEDESTROYER into the console. --------------------Jedi Force Cheats------------------ Use the following cheat commands in the console (after enabling cheat mode) to manipulate Jedi Force powers: setForceJump (level) (1 - 3) setForceHeal (level) (1 - 3) setForcePush (level) (1 - 3) setForcePull (level) (1 - 3) setForceSpeed (level) (1 - 3) setForceGrip (level) (1 - 3) setForceLightning (level) (1 - 3) setForceAll (level) (1 - 3) - Sets Force Level of All Abilities setSaberThrow (level) (1 - 3) setSaberOffense (level) (1 - 3) setSaberDefense (level) (1 - 3) saberColor (color) (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) -----spawnables-------------------- npc spawn <character> Here's a list on who you can spawn: Characters: munro Kyle Tavion Lando Reelo Jan Galak Galak_Mech Desann Luke MonMothma Bartender Morgan Katarn Humanoid NPCs: Prisoner Prisoner2 Jedi Jedi2 JediF JediTrainer Rebel Rebel2 BespinCop BespinCop2 Ugnaught Ugnaught2 Gran Gran2 GranShooter GranBoxer Rodian Rodian2 Weequay Weequay2 Weequay3 Weequay4 Trandoshan StormTrooper StormTrooper2 STOfficer StormPilot STOfficerAlt STCommander SwampTrooper SwampTrooper2 RocketTrooper Imperial ImpOfficer ImpCommander ImpWorker ImpWorker2 ImpWorker3 RebornAcrobat Reborn RebornForceUser RebornFencer RebornBoss ShadowTrooper ShadowTrooper2 Monster NPCs: Howler MineMonster Glider Droids/Etc: protocol protocol_imp r2d2 r2d2_imp r5d2 r5d2_imp gonk mouse seeker remote sentry interrogator probe mark1 mark2 atst test
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