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  1. Hi there! I'm from germany, so I've got german versions of my games, including MI2. Now I want to view the images of the characters like Guybrush, the Soldier of Phatt, Largo [...] to get a clue of how they look like (using SCUMMRevisited). Now as i noticed, it doesn't work. Only thing that seems to show anything to me are the paths through the 'maps' and the background images themself. all the other things except the palettes are doing nothing right now. As i also noticed on a Screen at the SCUMMRev-HP there are the Titles of the Rooms written next do the LFLF-Thing. In my files, they aren't. I hope it's not just because I got the german version... Then I want to know how they handled the layers. As I mentioned before, I cannot view the object images or char sets etc, so I have no clue of how the Objects are overdrawing Guybrush, so he walks behind them. If he comes closer to the Player, he can walk before those Objects. How have they handled it? Cheers, DivineDominion
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