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  1. You might be referring to... ...The Rake, right?
  2. There. All things at their right places. First of all, I'd like to say hello to those you recognize me. I have no idea how many besides Wraithy and Gaarni who acually does, but if anyone else would happen to do that, then so much the merrier. Anyhow. Yes, I've been away for quite a while. I am no longer a kindergarten teacher, I study Japanese and I am currently living in Japan, though I'll be back in the icy cold of Scandinavia in about a month or so. And no, I have no current plans to start playing SWG, partly because it is in many ways not the game I anticipated all those months during beta. But I might stay for a while. I always found the forums here more interesting than the game itself, in many ways. And I missed seeing my avatar. I've kind of forgotten how much I liked it. Wraith: I'm currently available for chat with ICQ, #69517231.
  3. Yup, noticed that bit about the activity slowing down. Too bad the general forums are mostly about ingame activities, which is... well, not as interesting to a non-player, to put it diplomatically. But now I should start to behave myself, I feel like I am at least supposed to act like I can live up to the moderator status for short durations of time. This is all kinda off topic, so I might start a tiny "hello everyone, what's up?" thread tomorrow or so, but now I should be getting some sleep. Got a test-ishy thingy on transitivity pairs (verbs, the leprosis of japanese) tomorrow. Oh, and we'll have karaoke. Your hammer hasn't got anything on the shrill voices of drunk japanese girls singing J-pop, ungh! I'll remember to bring earplugs this time.
  4. Where I am? Currently in Japan, actually, being knocked around by really old guys at a kendo doujou while brushing up my kaiwa (conversation) skills. Oh, and I'm literally melting, since the climate here is like a pizza oven. Just got some kind of reminder from the Supermoderators or something, and felt a sudden sting of nostalgia. So.... I came around to check with you guys how it's going. Luckily, my account was still active and everything, so it was quite effortless. And staying? Well, for a while, at least. Might check the off topic section and such. Though, I must admit that I'm not that likely to start playing SWG again, both because I've finally fallen for the sleek charm of the iBook instead of my desktop PC, and since I'm in freakin' Japan, studying all day.
  5. Yes indeed. Me too, sometimes. Though, of course, I don't recall most of the people here at the moment.
  6. setsuko


    Yeah, I noticed the boards are quite dead, so I thought I'd visit for a while.
  7. setsuko


    /hug -A- Long time no see. EDIT: and I still have more posts than you, rabbit. *tsk*!
  8. setsuko

    Where are...?

    *enters the room with her head bowed in an embarrassed way* Well... well... Thing is, that, eh... Thing is that going to art college was a tad more demanding than expected. This is the first time in three weeks that I have the time to sit down online for two hours straight. Perhaps even four weeks. This has lead to me not buying the game yet. Hopefully I'll get more time now that our major exhibition is over (it was at the end of this week). The fact that I study japanese at the same time and I have two newpapers who relies on me to supply them with cartoons on a regular basis doesn't help my overcrowded schedule. And kendo tournament season is soon to start, so I have to practice real hard to stay compatetive. And I got a gamecube, and the little guy in Zelda is really cute. But well, I have missed you guys, especially Wraithy and Gaarni. I hope, hope, hope I can spend some real quality time with you soon. I sure do. Now I have a jungle party to attend, and i have five scetches that has to be done by monday. Good fight, and good night.
  9. setsuko


    *me ships a few metres of swedish, working power cables* Enjoy!
  10. setsuko


    *me ships a few metres of swedish, working power cables* Enjoy!
  11. Are you able to be a jedi in SWG? Yes. But noone has found out how yet, and I bet you it's a lot of work.
  12. Old news. You saw EverQuest in the first days? My obsessed friend showed it to the rest of the gang, and none of us managed to decifer whether or not the green cube on the screen was a goblin, a hill, or a mutated cucumber. That is, those days he was able to log in.
  13. Well, the most important thing to notice is that this is a MMORPG. If you haven't played any before, you'll be surprised. Which is natural. These games doesn't play at all like any other games out there. Firstly, they are time sinks like you wouldn't believe. Secondly, they are as much about socializing as about 'having a cool profession'. And thirdly, they are not at all very enjoyable by every gamer. This is a very, very niche genre of gaming, really. It's nothing you can just pick up, install, and then enjoy fully, most people I know had a "WTF?!" reaction to MMORPGs back in the days, when they first tried them out. Give them time, and they'll grow onto you. Or chose not to, and find another genre. So sadly, I can't say you are wrong. SWG is definately not the perfect gaming experience for everyone, perhaps it's not at all suited for you. If you want more star-warsy and more jedi, try KOTOR. It's great. If you want a faster RPG, there's several shelves full of RPGs. Get a PlayStation and rummage through its excellent backcatalogue of japanese action RPGs. Get a GCN and play Skies of Arcadia. And if you thought a slow RPG is a bad RPG, get an X-box and play Shenmue 2, and get obsessed with Kung Fu for the rest of your life. But if you pick up a MMORPG, you're on its turf; you play by the rules of the genre, like it or not. And MMORPGs just happens to play by very rough rules. If you like it, it's great. If you don't, there's thousands of great games out there for you to find. Good luck!
  14. setsuko


    Ehh... me, I can in no way fathom a disadvantage with having too many people around who makes guns. But that's me.
  15. Good. You did your part, MasterJo, in a perfect manner. If now just all the other sides in this mess does the same, then none of you will have any hazzle with me being a moderator around here. I don't care about who is right and who is not, or who started it and who didn't. I care about who writes posts on this board that doesn't belong here. Simple as that. Over and out. I'm having my first day at the new school in.... 4 hours, so I don't have time for more of this tonight. But hey, take it as a compliment boys; I care enough for this PA's wellbeing to stay awake modding instead of sleeping, my second favourite pasttime! Yay! (second to eating ice cream, of course, for those who didn't know)
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