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  1. This is my take on the issue - EA Analysts list games of their studios - List includes KOTOR under Bioware - EA claims games are both those developed and under-development, listing KOTOR and two other games as evidence - Those two other games have confirmed sequels currently in development - EA claims COULD be PR trying to back-peddle after revealing info they shouldn't have - EA could be telling the truth, might be no KOTOR games in development - Just because it says KOTOR it doesn't make it KotOR3, it could be anything - LA has stated previously they wouldn't leave the KotOR or Battlefront series behind - New Battlefront games have been developed, but no new KotOR - LA has previously stated they had already started development of KotOR3 but then stopped for unknown reasons Conclusion: we really don't know what is going on, but this new info looks good. It might be nothing, it might be a KotOR MMO, it might be KotOR3, it might be a KotOR game exclusive for PSP. We don't know. Until then, continue speculation
  2. But I thought you wanted a Star Wars game! You can't have it both ways you know haha Actually I was just looking at the 'rumours' at theforce.net saying first that Bioware had confirmed they were working on a KotOR MMO *shudders*, and then another 'confirmation' that Bioware has nothing to do with the upcoming SW MMO *prays that it is so* and in fact it will be tied into the new SW live-action series.
  3. Okay that came out badly, I didn't mean that only LA 'thinks' that its the most successful game, I'm appalled that it IS the most successful game Of course KotOR is still the best... You could probably make a strong case for 'Force Unleashed' being a new JK game, except of course LA's decision not to release on PC. When are they going to learn that no single game is good enough to make me spend $700 or more on a new console?
  4. Meh, no biggie. Whilst I do hope that it means a better chance for KotOR3, I'm rather appalled that LA considers Battlefront II their most successful game! I guess it's just a case of catering to the lowest common denominator...
  5. /signed BUT I noticed that Petro had some great ideas that weren't used in EaW or FoC that could have had for a far more in-depth RTS. If we can get an RTS that covers both era's (Prequel and Original) and is more strategic, like the old 'Star Trek: Birth of the Federation', that would be fantastic.
  6. There is almost nothing in common between EaW and Rome: Total War. Rome is a far better developed and in-depth game than EaW is or will ever be. The way I see it, you could only say that EaW is a extremely simplified noob-style version of Rome without the diversity, politics, and strategy.
  7. Yay, yet another PS and xBox exclusive game. How interesting.
  8. Oh yeah, April fool's, completely forgot about that. Then again, I have an excuse, being rather sick at the moment. DMUK - I don't recall that prank with the GBG Clone Campaigns, though I do remember my prank a year or two ago when I posted an 'official' LA statement saying that there would be a Clone Wars expansion for EaW.
  9. Is that the big news that was promised? Not to sound ungrateful, but it's a bit of an anti-climax, particularly for those of us who only have EaW. If it isn't the 'big news' then just ignore this post.
  10. I'm just curious, with the 'big news' promised for this weekend, does this refer to the announcement of EaW for Mac? I don't think so, as that news broke a few days ago, but I just want to be sure.
  11. Well, I figured it out. Turns out I'd neglected to get rid of some old nVidia drivers. So I deleted them, did a clean install of the latest ATI drivers, and the EaW movies all run smoothly now.
  12. Well yeah. Rebellion, like Star Trek: Birth of the Federation, are very complex games and are really not suited to the casual gamer. EaW however I feel went too casual, it just doesn't have the required depth or diversity required to keep people playing. I remember back on the GBG forums, I initially refused to believe that LA would release a new RTS with only two main sides. Add to that things like how the Rebellion was portrayed, which should have been much more like the Consortium, and you're got longevity issues. I too hope there will be a sequal but a more in-depth one with many of the concepts that Petro considered for EaW/FoC but didn't have the tinme and/or resources to utilise.
  13. DMUK - as soon as I got the new card i completely uninstalled the old GeForce drivers, and installed the new ATI ones. When I downloaded the new ATI graphics card drivers, i completely uninstalled all ati software and did a clean install of the new drivers, plus the direct x from the game. I have turned off most of the icons, but that doesnt seem to help a whole lot. It just strikes me as odd that it's only the video's from EaW has problems running, yet the game itself plays smoothly and all other video's from my other games all run smoothly as well. I do very much appreciate your help though.
  14. Hi DMUK, the previous card was a 128mb GeForce4 Mx440. It was actually a pretty good card, except that it wouldn't run Republic Commando as it lacked pixel shader, hence the upgrade.
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