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  1. Actually, it was suppose to be like that, but in the joking/seriousness kind of way. Heh heh heh..
  2. And may your Valentines day be miserable tomorrow, thank you. *bang bang bang*
  3. I never plan on following Valentines day... It's just one day when really it should be everyday you have appreciation.
  4. I love everyone of you... No really I do... *BANG BANG BANG*
  5. (Seeing as it lands on a Monday, I figure I would show it for the weekend. )
  6. But that's just the PS3... Just think of the prices on the other consoles too..
  7. Actually, I may have a gift for you all. Just stay tuned! Hoooah!
  8. What's the max overclock you got so far? I'm at around 2.2Ghz, but I'm playing it safe for now until I get better ram to even push it further.
  9. Would that be Zalman, Thermalright? At least that's what I can think of that could be huge. Especially if you entend to overclock that CPU.
  10. Oh sweet! Once I again I dodge the radar on here.... I don't know how I do it either...
  11. Most corious.. What tools would I need to replace the Xbox drive? I hear outfitting it with your own drive can speed up loading times? Mine is out of warranty.. Damn 2 month warranty...
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