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  1. Mad would be too strong of a term. Disappointed, perhaps. Actually, if you look closely
  2. In KOTOR I used the guy with the medium length brown hair that's combed back/ In KOTOR II, I'm using the girl with the short blonde hair.
  3. They spent a lot of time on the characters of Juhani and HK-47, when, in theory, 50% of gamers could have chosen to kill Juhani in the grove and slaughter the Sand People (for which you don't need HK). Personally, I had no idea Juhani would be a party member my first time through. In Sith Lords, they already have the character models and animations (they're working with the same engine after all). All they'd need to do for a cameo is script it, and get the voice actor back.
  4. The only thing that's been revealed about Revan is that he/she left for unknown space about a year after the end of the first game and hasn't been heard from since, and that they have something more specific in mind, but are keeping a lid on it. If the player does encounter Revan, I doubt he or she will be either light or dark side. In order to avoid alienating fans of one ending or the other, Revan will probably be more neutral. His/her four years in self-imposed exile will have either mellowed the dark lord Revan out, or made the Jedi knight Revan a little more jaded. It'll be out on the PC. There's another article on KOTOR 2 coming out in the Computer Gaming World magazine. I doubt they'd do that if it was x-box only. As far as system requirements go: the new game will use the same engine, so I would guess it'd have about the same requirements.
  5. It's been a while since I've played it, but as I recall, the AT-AT's in the old N64 game Shadows of the Empire fell over when they were tangled up. They didn't just explode. I don't see any reason why Battlefront would be a step backwards from a nearly 10 year old game.
  6. Those screen shots are terrible! The graphics are awful! I hope that's just because this is a preview of the X-box version, and that the PC version will look better. Or at least decent. Those graphics would have looked dated in 1990.
  7. To answer the question, the Rebels. Not because they're the only "good guys" in the game (I usually don't like playing the good guy), but because they're the only ones that seem like individuals. The Imperial stormtroopers, with their full helmets are all about conformity, even if there are unique people behind those helmets. Clones and droids are even worse in that regard. They're freakin' clones and droids! There's not an individual personality among them.
  8. The last console I played on was the N64 (the cost of keeping up with new consoles was too high), so I don't know how online console games work. I suspect if they have online multiplayer, they also have offline multiplayer.
  9. ^ Little nitpick: The Republics clone armies are not the good guys. They're just pawns in Palpatines plan to take control of the Republic. The clones were/will be at least partly responsible for exterminating the Jedi and installing Palpatine as the Emperor. If you want to play "good guys" the Rebels are the only group that qualifies.
  10. You're not stuck playing one group. Which armies you can choose will probably depend on the map. For example, Hoth will be Imperials vs Rebels, where Geonosis will be Republic vs Secessionists. Whether you can change your alliegance mid-game will depend on the individual server.
  11. What does an RTS have to do with "this upcomung (I assume you mean upcoming) beuty (beauty)"? As I understand it, Battlefront is an action game with some strategy elements.
  12. That's exactly the problem. People tend to take games too seriously, throwing tantrums and going into fits of name calling over the most trivial of little things. "OMFG! U USE GUN TURETTT! U FAG CAMRPE! CAMPAR!" Maybe I'm wrong, and the Battlefront community will be all right. That'd be a pleasant surprise.
  13. Light sabers and Force powers are cool and all, but between Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy, and Knights of the Old Republic, there have been more than enough Jedi games lately. Battlefront sounds like a refreshing change of pace.
  14. I've played Battlefield. The game is infested with children, idiots, and whiners. I bet Battlefront will be even worse though.
  15. I don't have much interest in that prequel stuff. Clones and droids are boring as hell. They're just mindless automatons. They don't even have any cool vehicles. If I buy Battlefront, I'll probably just stick with original trilogy maps. Given the choice, I'd join the Rebels, but if the Imperials are badly outnumbered I'd join them too.
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