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  1. For the past couple of months playing I can definately say that more and more people are NOT playing jk2 online. 2 months ago i found most servers populated but now most of them are empty and if they are populated, the number of people are below what they were 2 months ago. Whatever it may be, from the current patches, spammers, or boredom, it's a dam shame for this game. Beaches
  2. Man their file sharing server is messed up. Sometimes I can download stuff if I'm lucky. I've been trying to download some models recently but I get nothing. Please heaven forbid jediknightii.net from having a decent file server.
  3. On the spectating post you just said that you walk up to the winner of a duel in ffa and kill em with lightning or pull/back attack him. So STFU you lying punk @$$ son of a beach!!!
  4. Yup sean_t_99 is a freakin idiot Llama!!! Whatever the **** that means
  5. I was just giving into my hate to mess up [PP] Retarded Jedi Master. But the @$$h0les on this board started with "grow up" What gives that loser the right to judge me. I'm doing my service to this community but I see what's happening now. All of you guys suck my big ass black hairy b@lls. Wolfenstein is so much better than this crap. im going back to kill some german nazi b@$t@rds. Heil hitler bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. All of you need to give into your Darkside and cause some trouble on his g@y email you homos! You need to give into your inner child instead of grow up. Man I'm 9. How am i gonna grow up. I'm gonna tell my mommy on all you b*tches!!
  7. Just like you VisualTK one thing: Pathetic. [PP]Retarded Jedi Master posts his email when he plays so it's fair game beach!
  8. Yea Homosexual Ewok you should search for him and kick his @$$. Got another Brinx. And don't forget [PP] Retarded Jedi Master.
  9. Ok I hate this fool so much that whenever you see him make it a point to kill this script monkey, talk ish to him, and kick vote him out. Cause I will. Please don't forget to send some hate mail to him at *removed*
  10. Indian Terrorist and don't forget [PP]Retarded Jedi Master @ http://www.geocities.com/ppclanus/Index I just got their gay email. Send some hate mail to them. ppclanguy@hotmail.com or arcticworm@hotmail.com
  11. STFU [PP] Retarded Jedi Master should join that team. He is such a spammer. God I hate that guy.
  12. Correction JuadDi[sith] should be JuanDi[sith] Equally g@y Pink Fluffy Sheep Bisexual Ewok and don't forget about [PP] Retarded Jedi Master he is the worst out there @ http://www.geocities.com/ppclanus/Index. I hate this beach cause he used his script monkey too kill me so many times and i couldn't do anything about it. he always gets voted out cause he cheats. That lil beach.
  13. If you want to know how to do scripts then talk to [PP] Retarded Jedi Master he has all the scripts and binds down cause he is a lil beach and talks TOOO MUCH $hit. at http://www.geocities.com/ppclanus/Index
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