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  1. Die in a fire. It's actually a good sign if things have reverted back to the way they should have been, not the crapfest it was at it's height.
  2. Schiessen, so much rampant stupidity here it makes Darwin rotate in his grave. However, I will say that GSK hit the nail on the head. The primary thing that stuck out in my mind which caused the 1.02 -> 1.03 shift was due to the DFA pivot bug, amongst others. Some of those changes were needed. I've played 1.04 with the best as well, and I've never seen any punk under your name.
  3. I've already made my stance known to Rumor, thought I'd share it here. I, personally, am leaning more towards JKII. I still think JA needs some work, even with OJP added into it (that and I need to find my discs... Where the hell did they go). Certain things in between the transition of the two games just got royally ****ed up. I'd rather have a level playing field with JKII than have to deal with the bull**** randomness of JA. LucasArts wasn't clearly thinking of saber balance when he implemented dual/dual-bladed sabers in. Not to mention that I have never been a fan of the netcode nor the faulty hit detection. JKII has always been a stable choice in both gameplay and networking. Not to mention that the past few times I've popped in JKII, I've seen some skilled mofos playing that I'd like to butt heads with. So it would have to be my first choice. Maybe when I find my JA discs I'll try out the latest from OJP. MBII wasn't that bad of a mod either.
  4. Hold on, I can do better. There we go: link pulled --Jae
  5. I think it's hilarious how you didn't even read the entire thread in the first place. I mean after all, we did answer your questions already.
  6. If any gaming company has been the victim of my ire for the past few years, it has been EA. Ever since pushing their hand into games such as Earth and Beyond, buying up dev houses with positive outlooks only to reduce them to rubble, and have a very sad QoL record, I have no love for the company that once had the cajones to call themselves one of the best companies to work for. One of the articles Prime referenced (it was the livejournal one by ea_spouse... EA: The Human Story) was the actual whistleblower that started this whole controversy. It got into clueless business practices not just used by EA, but by many others in the gaming industry. The reason why EA is plastered all over the wall for being the billboard of treating employees like **** is relatively simple: They output ****ty games just to make their quartly business quota to appease investors. Also, if you look at the news, more often than nought you see EA pull a move that continues to attempt to create a sole monopoly. For example, their recent acquisition of the NFL license. Lets face it, EA is known for one thing on a major front: sports games. If you can appeal to the jocks, you have great market potential right there. Sega/Take Two was a valid threat to EA, and when Sega and Take Two finally capitalized, EA pulled a heavy-handed manuever instead of attempting to prove that it's game was better overall. Instead of proving that it is a successful innovator and competitor, EA has taken the easy way out time and time again. This time, Karma's back to make EA her bitch. (And no, I don't count WoW as a valid scapegoat. -3 for EA) Others have already said it, I'll reiterate it again: You wish you did.
  7. Jedi were anything BUT rare when I was playing (right when the protest over Combat Balance kicked into full swing). You couldn't attack an opposing faction's town without finding a group of 3-5 jedi in opposition. Jump to Lightspeed was a good expansion, but what it failed to address in any sense was the ground game. I'd have more fun commiting seppuku rather than deal with the ground game. It's like they threw out an expansion and said, "Hey, fly in space! Pay no attention to the planets anymore!" I'd steer clear of SWG. There's already some better developed MMOs out there. (Oh, and not to stir the pot, but the last time I got to talk to an insider, Lucas was pissed)
  8. I looked through the new arguments and decided to drop this little tidbit in: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/03/23/opinion/polls/main682674.shtml Inside it is a comprehensive polling section done by CBS news in relationship to the public opinion on the Terri Schiavo case. Interpret as you will. As for sample size:
  9. You say it as if there is such a thing out there. Out of all the JA servers I have seen in the past few days with some sort of admin mod installed, each and every one of them has some form of prepubescent social outcast getting off on slapping people around, slaying and just all around being a pompous dick. There will always be those types of people, and even if you turn to another server, or a clan's leadership, or ****, even go as far as repeatedly crashing the server with particular exploits, all they do is shrug their shoulders while they reach for their console keys for /amsleep nublar101. BULL**** Since Jedi Academy was released, I told everyone here that I was waiting for the moment that some SOB was going to appeal to the abusive admins and release an admin mod with abusive commands in place. Sure, C1 and Hex were both finding other ways to work adminmods, but it only takes one leak/hand over of a source code to go right back to square one. Guess where that hand over came from? Hold on, if you can listen over great distances, you might be able to pick up the distinct sound that is my extreme laughter over what you just said. Hey, look, I can sit down! Big deal. While you're at it, can you /amsit on my mine I so carelessly placed? Not to mention that things JA+ can do have been ripped from other mods, if not by code, then by concept. Once again: BULL**** rcon does not enable a user to slap, slay, freeze, sleep, etc. It only allows kicking and banning. Both which are the least abusable commands. Not to mention a smart person knows how to get around banning, but I digress... Futhermore, rcon allows access to server commands which effect EVERYONE. The administrator may be thinking that he's going to screw a "lamer," but in reality he's screwing everyone. This mod is at best an IRC extension, contradicting the purpose of the game. If Slider wanted to so much as remove the abusive commands, he would have thought with his head and done the same exact thing C1 and Hex were avoiding when JA was in it's infancy. And now he suddenly has a revelation and decides to do it now that his competition is out of the way? Movie Battles II is a great mod. ForceMod is a great mod. ProMod was a great mod. Masters of the Force, when it was still in it's concepts and testing, could have been a great mod. JA+ is nothing more than a piece of rubbish that turns the game into something it isn't. A virtual chat room. when the game ORIGINALLY came out. He could have come here during the final days of Jedi Knight II to see what ****ed it up for all of us, but instead he turned his head and didn't give a damn. Look and see where Jedi Academy is now. It is a joke amongst FPS games. If I had that chance to go back in time to fix something, I'd head back to the 1.03 days, find Dest and beat the living crap out of him until he tells me that he won't release the JediMod source code. That is where things went wrong. Prior to JediMod++ and JA+, admins had no opportunities to be abusive. However, all it took was two people to give them the tools to abuse to their whims. Both the admins and the creators are to blame.
  10. Once again, I must reiterate my point from earlier. The problem with the words cited from that biased opinion is the fact that it does not take societal views, such as the current dilemma of euthanasia, into account, thus blowing things out of proportion. The reason why she is to be dehydrated/starved is due to the fact that society has not come up with anything more "humane" to end the life of a human. Sure, we can inject a substance into an animal to put it down, but if it comes to a human life, the only time we could do it is if the due process of the law has successfully deprived the individual found guilty of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (read: conviction followed by death sentence). This is obviously not the case, so she gets shafted over a societal issue. Do you REALLY want me to start? I'm serious here, if you want to start digging at me I will gladly open up some potshots in return.
  11. Right, and I'm Ron Jeremy. I suggest before anyone even begins to think about throwing opinion in this thread, you sit down and review ACTUAL case material. I suggest you start with the Guardian Ad Litem report filed by the doctor comissioned by the government to assess Teri Schaivo's status (which in fact acts as a neutral party). If you want to go even further, attempt to access any opinon from a doctor with a clue, especially someone who has knowledge of the brain and it's functions. And just for future reference, saveterri.com is nothing more than a slanted site favored towards the parents. But at it's core, I'll have to agree with InsaneSith: both sides are idiots. The problem is that society views euthanasia with animals differently from euthanasia with humans. Many states (if not all of them) have anti-assisted suicide laws (that is what it would fall under if Terry Schiavo was to be let go under any circumstance other than starvation/dehydration). For a while this all came under media scrutiny when Dr. Kevorkian was arrested/tried/sentence.
  12. I'm legally insane, not mad. Get it right. And we would be right back to square one. All you would be doing is acknowledging a vicious cycle that started. Instead, I'd like to see what Kurgan and Young Jedi were bringing up: a sub-admin section within Raven's own game that has access to only kick and ban. That's it. The problem with handing rcon out left and right means that if someone has the password to your server, some clueless idjit is going to bone it. That solves a myriad of problems within itself. I call BS. Duel challenge was a mediation between the honor and competitive crowd at it's finest. I don't mind the challenging and all that stuff: sometimes I don't mind taking a break from hacking at limbs in FFA just for a 1v1 beatdown. But as the old adage goes, "give an inch, take it a mile." That's exactly what the honor crowd did. I'm thinking more of the wannabe samurai/knights than a gameplay mechanic on that issue... Kurgan's posted a spiel on it before, so I'll spare the detail. At least you get it... Remind me to remind Raven about naming their next Jedi Knight game with MP packaged: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Academy: Jedi IRC!
  13. Well well well, when push comes to shove and the modder gets scratched, what shows underneath is nothing more than a spoiled brat. Slider, I'm not going to bother to even quote your poorly articulated dung you pathetically attempt to call your own opinion. Instead, I'm going to lay every little single card out infront of your eyes. Take the blinders off for a moment before you even begin to type a single word to refute the things I am about to lay out. Frist of all, what Young Jedi Knight said in regards to how JA has died off is partially true: Most of the competitive clans (who don't believe in this fairy tale honor horse**** made up by a delusional retard after having a session with Bubba *cough Slow Burn and the Saberist Code cough*) refused to move over to JA due to the fact that playing JA was taking a step BACKWARD to playing JKII. By adding "flashy new acrobatics moves!" and "two more saber types!", what exactly did they screw up in the process? -The kick: Arguably the best move a competitive player could pick up on, it was nowhere to be found (even in the leaked versions). The kick was ESSENTIAL to certain gametypes with the gimping of sabers from JKII v1.03 and onwards (Full Force CTF, Full Force Duel, etc). Kicking was a drain whore's worst nightmare, especially combined with PT and Grip. -Force points for specials: This was hardly required to be implemented... Assinine at it's best. All moves from JKII had a counter once 1.04 was implemented (no more of that pivot BS ****). Other force combos that were widely accepted, such as FRage/DFA, were made obsolete. This anti-measure spam was unwarranted, and most mods immediately removed such conditions. This also brought about forceregentime 0, which led to massive force abuse of powers such as lightning and drain... but I digress. I'm talking about sabers and specials. Which brings me to my next point... -Specials per saber style were unbalanced: They nerfed single neutral's undercut with an unwarranted pivot lock. DFA was gimped beyond all recognition. Dual-bladed saber's butterfly jump was brutal if connected; deadly if someone had their mouse sensitivity/cl_yawspeed cranked and was able to stick to their victim. Dual-bladed saber also had one of the most infamous bugs in JA stemming off of it's own kick. They could have thought of something better for both dual sabers involving duck+forward+attack1. The end result was single saber being gimped while the new sabers started to dominate. I'm leaving katas out of this one because my next point is... Katas: The BIGGEST, most OBSCENE joke in the ENTIRE Dark Forces series lie in these pieces of crap for moves. "But these are used for dueling!!1" Yeah, like any real duelist is going to take you seriously if you decide to spam a bunch of retarded gestures like a raver on E with glowsticks ad-nauseum? "Say hi to spammy dual saber kata!" "Say hi to saber throw, bitch!" On, and one minor point, once again all kata were not created equal. A dual saber user could stand in a crowd of FFA players and just suddenly use the kata to oblivion. Not only did this fustrate newbies, but with the adoption of forceregentime 0 by all the retards without a clue, it became a showstopper. -New maps: What the hell happened here? Was it "Jedi Knight II's top ten rejected maps" that managed to squeeze it's way in? It seriously looked that way. Poor netcode/server support: This was noticable on most servers I went to, especially when trying to connect to a server with ASE when I was still using that piece of junk. There was a lot of packetloss and lag about in any JA server I went to, and while some of the remaining might have finally stabalized, I wouldn't be surprised if the remaining servers were still utter pieces of garbage. Not to mention for a while before the one and ONLY patch Raven put out (which subsequentially nerfed rolling as well), the in-game browser did not function as intended. This boned A LOT of the people who originally picked up the game and wanted to shoot for multiplayer right away and didn't know about ASE or Gamespy or other server browsers. Now, with this and much, much more, why exactly would you want to move on from an established game to, in it's own right, a butchered expansion? It's one of those questions that begs to be asked. Onto my second point, the honor codes... For christ sake, I shouldn't even have to reiterate the points I have made in the past to how such a mindset is detrimental to a game fundamentally based in a first-person shooter environment. You think bowing is honor? Not attacking people with their sabers down is honor? You wouldn't know honor if it screwed you from behind and gave you the courtesy of a reach around. Those crybaby sissies you have so catered to in the past to the present Slider wouldn't even know the concepts of humility and respect. It's something old school gamers know that was lost when the new generation came in and got their asses kicked repeatedly. I remember days where you'd connect into a server playing Quake through TCP/IP and just go all out. You'd frag someone, get the occasional camper, deal with the ****talker, but overall you had fun. You didn't accuse someone of being a lameass for having precise aim with the rocket launcher. You didn't cry cheater at the top of your lungs because someone popped you while you came around the corner making the sound level equivalent of a frightened elephant. In the end, all there was were complements, sharing of tactic, and ggs all around at the end of the map whether by timelimit or fraglimit. Fast forward to today. It doesn't matter what game you go to" CS, UT2K4, HL2DM, JA. All games have a fundamental problem: The players are a bunch of whiners who can't take their lumps and shut up. You're playing CS and score a headshot through a wall, lucky or filled with purpose. Instead of a complement for picking up on his sound trail and guessing where he might move to next, he cries that you're a collaborator to myg0t and tries to get you banned. You're playing HL2CTF and you've been defending the base all map. You've used every weapon in your arsenal, and another wannabe group of flag cappers are coming for your flag. You're down to your Overwatch Rifle, clip of thirty and one Pulse charge left. **** the clip, launch the Pulse. After the group dies from the ricochet of the pulse, you're called a ball whore and people start to whine ad-nauseum. You're playing JKII in a FF/SO Duel setting on duel_temple. You come across an opponent that cannot escape grip-kick for the life of him. Instead of learning how to counter GK, he might do a number of things... Grief the next person in line with the dis/reconnect bug, whine excessively in chat, etc. This may be because of the spreading of malicious intent (I cited myg0t earlier), it may be because of the individualist mentality everyone seems to carry around (I'm the ****, no one can beat me!!1). When people can't have the game go their way, they might lose sight of the fact that it is a game (did YOUR parents ever instill that value upon you?). And when that happens, things can get very, very ugly. The values of the older generation were lost on the younger generation, and now we're seeing the repercussions of it. Namely in the form of my third and final argument: Admin mods. The very thing Chosen One and Master Hex tried to avoid this time around was the same bloody monster you managed to create. You brought the one thing that doomed JKII's existence as a serious FPS over into JA, and you expect to NOT be burned for it? Not only that, but you ported over an EXACT replica of Jedi Academy/JediMod++ with potentially abusive commands. What exactly was going on in that ill-conceived mind of yours? I hope the publicity was worth it because the consequences of your actions have now caught up to you. You gave those whining bitches I brought up a weapon more powerful than any saber or force power could ever match. The powers you gave to those self-proclaimed "I'm the **** and you're a lowly peasant!" retards did manage to do only one thing successfully: Drive people away from the game. And now you want to call yourself the redeemer of JA? **** you. You are no Master Hex. You are no Dest. You are no ArtifeX. You are no Chosen One. You are no Razorace. You are no RenegadeofPhunk. You are no Wudan. Each of those people I listed above brought something unique to the Jedi Knight mod scene. Some were more acceptable than others, but none the less what could be done with the tools provided had impacts you wouldn't even begin to be able to comprehend. Instead, all you are is a second rate hackjob. I'd even go to say you're the second coming of BOFH. This whole dimensional thing is the first (hold on, let me check that again, holy ****!) thing you must have managed to do by yourself. And when someone brings up one minute detail, you flip out like one of those "ninjas" you hear about over at realultimatepower.com. Get the hell off your high horse. Amidala has had you by the last thread of life you possess this entire thread, I'm just waiting for her to end it. (Now that this is over... someone want to point me to blademod? )
  14. I installed SP2 and uninstalled it five minutes later. I had apps that had conflicts with SP2, settings that were hosed and a drop in computer performance. SP1 will be staying on this machine. I've taken similar steps to Astrotoy and I have not had a single problem. It all boils down to how smart you are when you are using your computer. SP2 is not idiot-proof.
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