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  1. Just like you don't need to understand this game to play it. I'm guessing the poster asked the question before playing it, because once you have to pick a side, it's pretty obvious who fights who.......
  2. That's where I think you're wrong. People don't need a strong understanding of a game's theme to enjoy it. Also, depending on the person, they might not understand WW2, or even Vietnam or any multiplayer game like this.... So why not Star Wars? It's not really that unbelievable
  3. Sigh...they didn't RUIN the Darktrooper. Bitching about the accuracy of the Darktrooper EU facts is pointless on a gaming messageboard. It's all about balance, and what the developers had in mind when making this class. As was stated before, and like I've stated in the other Darktrooper thread....they are an invasion class. Their sole purpose is to clear out CP's before the backup arrives. Think about it, if you've got a few DT's pounce onto a CP all at once, everyone is screwed. Unless the Rebel players are good at close range, the shottie will take them down in no time. And if on the off chance the DT's get overwhelmed, they'll probably hold out in time for the rest of the Imperials to mop up and take the point. That's the reason they're jetpack goes in short bursts, so they can pick a CP and tear it up.
  4. Hey Professor, we're not talking about EU facts....we're talking about how powerful the vehicles are inside the BF game engine.... And yes, you do have to be a semi-intelligent pilot when using the AT-AT ...else you might be on the recieving end of an asskicking courtesy of some Vanguards. The secondary guns are pretty powerful, but they don't have as big a splash as the main guns do...
  5. AT-TE is too weak for my tastes...I'd hate to see how that thing would fare against Vanguards. AT-AT's are just so much more badass too, and they also force you to be conscious of what you are shooting at. And being tripped isn't something you have to worry about if you've got a half decent team behind you...Besides, if you time it right you can shoot down the speeder trying to rope you too.
  6. It's not that simple....in strategic terms spawning at a different point would give them ample time to capture the point they were camping. Depending on the situation (ie what's camping your spawn), you might just have to let it go, but in most cases it's not a viable option.
  7. I was just extremely annoyed that night....I'd say at least a third of the rebel team were vanguards so it got pretty intense...was Rhen Var IIRC .... I know they have their downsides etc etc and I have tried being one....maybe it's just the way I play. I found it a little too easy to kill people being one, hence my response. PS: The lock on is lacking....it can be intermittent at times.
  8. Or any troop type w/ a rocket launcher for that matter. I can't stand it when people use the rocket class purposely to go after infantry. Aside from the fact it it suuuupppppeeerrrr cheap, it speaks for the skill of the person using it. You really need a rocket meant for a vehicle to kill one person? Here's to hoping the remove the splash damage from these rockets altogether, that would spread out the cheese a little, no?
  9. I only disagree w/ one thing. If all your best Rebel players are in speeders the AT-AT's don't stand a chance. Then after they're taken down the speeders can mow down troops at Imperial CP's until the AT-AT's respawn. Also, if your speeder CP gets captured, get as many people to go Vanguard as you can to take down the walkers....if it's possible on Rhen Var it's possible on Hoth.
  10. Sigh, why can't you people who think Darktroopers ruin Hoth/Endor be a little less anal? Keep them, they kick ass. They're my 2nd favorite class to play as overall, and no, they don't suck, as long as you use them correctly. They're meant to assault CP's, and clear them out, so you can overtake them. 2 or 3 DT's can do a decent job of tearing up a pretty populated CP, and turning it over to the Empire. The jetpacks have 2 big uses to me : A, getting out of a sticky situation, and B, getting into one. By the time a few DT's assault a CP and die, the backup Imperial troops will already be there to overtake the area and pick up where they left off. I think they made the slow recharge of the jetpack on purpose, mainly for doing what I listed above. The DT isn't meant for bunny hopping all over the map, he's meant to take CP's.
  11. My name depends on the server. If it's a pure server, then my name is: Fallen Jedi (With either reborn fencer or acrobat skin) If it's any other server I go by: Extra Chewie (With the wookiee skin/model...dur) RaaWWrR
  12. How do I maintain the space between my name in multiplayer? Whenever I try to spell my name "Fallen Jedi" it just does the Fallen part, and not Jedi....Is there a way to correct this?
  13. I've been on servers where people have used the other reborn skins (fencer, acrobat, forceuser etc), and I was wondering what I have to do to get them, because they are unselectable. Thanks for any help....
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