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  1. I really really think that there should be an ETM style lock on (I know, third time I requested this) and mabe the saber moves (animations) could be more accurate, such as when you push forward (up) and the attack button then you would do a kind of a uppercut strike then mabe if you push back (down) and the attack button then you would do a horizontal slash and all this could be combined to have a bit of a free saber style mabe another method that could be cool is make the secondary fire a different attack, and by combining the primary fire attacks and the secondary fire attacks (more fancy moves) to produce cool combos, it is alot of animation but it might be cool. BTW I am still annoyed that obiwan was moved to the Xbox, does anyone know if the PC version ever got a beta or something that is playable by the fans?
  2. lol, awww come on~~~ lol oh well I hope you will get around coding it some time
  3. yea! that would make JA playable again , also I made this suggestion before but I would really love to see this happen, so here goes.......a comba lock on system! the one like in legende of zelda or ETM (again, I love this game) that would seriously make the duels look like the movies!
  4. well there was a JK2 mod that allowed a triple lock (three people at once) it usually occered when one player tried to interfere a lock, mabe that could be used to stop from players to get an advantage over two saber lockers. but I'm not sure what happenes if a fourth saberist tries to interfere. another thing I was thinking of that I saw in ETM (sorry guys) when you countered or the enemy countered an attack then the fighters played a fancy animation that can't be seen normally. mabe the scripted lock can be a counter thing?
  5. well I was thinking, I never looked at the animation file so I dont know, but I assume they have specific saberlock animation to match another saberlock animation. (single_leftlock+single_rightlock=a cross made by the two sabers) then, why won't you replace thoughse anims with these scripted locks? in theory I think it would work if you take out the whole mouse mashing thing (the lock is always a draw)
  6. I was just wondering, what factor chooses which player does which animation? if animation A matches with animation B then obviously two players can't go into animation A. I am asking because I would like to make something like this aswell
  7. hey, you're right....ok I'll fix that up and do a few tweaks before I show an updated pic...now anybody can skin him? (I'll try the import myself)
  8. so how does the player get any control over this sequence? like the saber lock, mashing on the fire button to win, or is it just some fancy sequence (I kind of like it though) and a way to improve saber combat is I think make it like enter the matrix; where the player locks onto another player and have a teken style fighting camera angle. and have a block button (use button like ETM) and have it so if you time it right you can counter (just like ETM) I dont know if this is possible but I would love to see it!
  9. this is a ROTJ luke model I made, based on the prisoner model and luke's head http://www.massassi.net/ec/images/14128.jpg I nead someone to skin him and import him into JA (I have no idea how to UV map) can anybody help? also, I was thinking about adding the saber holster tags for him, but don't know what tags I nead so can I have help there as well? thx in advance
  10. I beleive the map won't load, or the game quits as soon as the weapon is on screen, unless you keep the poly count below 1000, but I managed 1100 so somewhere around 1100 should be ok
  11. well, this time I am not going to make the many mistakes I made, wish me luck, I'll post next once i have something showable
  12. well, I made my choice......I will compeletly redo him from scratch
  13. thats one more problem anybody willing to do the skeleton stuff for me?
  14. ok.....so do you guys think I should continue on him? I am loosing the wanting to work any longer.....this may become one of my personal project that will eventualy forgoten......I may redo him again
  15. ok here are some updates, I think I'm ready to have him skinned http://www.massassi.net/ec/images/10675.jpg http://www.massassi.net/ec/images/10674.jpg and his lightsaber http://www.massassi.net/ec/images/10676.jpg
  16. well I would love to give an update but my host (massassi.net) is down these days, I need someone to fit him to the jk2 skeleton too if anybody is willing to do that for me
  17. well that was done in a mod that died called style over substance, and it worked out well so mabe, yea
  18. you know this mod called SFX2? that mod brought out the movie fealing to the effects, the lightsabers were awsome and even the laser fire looked realy cool! you should take a look at that, you may want to see if you can get hold of the stuff.
  19. ok I may be done now, I added thoughs four horns on the front of Eeth Koth's face. one problem is that he is a bit high poly.....does Jk2 have a restriction on polies?
  20. wow, at last! my long chalenge is almost comeing to an end! I will be back soon with all the things you mentioned fixed!
  21. I am up to the chalenge! I was supposed to be your modeler anyway, I will meet you online!
  22. well I am working on it, Ill be back thx for all your supports
  23. http://www.massassi.net/ec/images/10641.jpg http://www.massassi.net/ec/images/10640.jpg here are the updates
  24. well thx I will e-mail you once my model is aproved by all
  25. thx, I will fix all thoughse stuff you mentioned, but next time when you give me suggestions can you write it in English . I made him colourful for skinning purposes later
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