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  1. I'm not necessarily for legalization, but I agree that by doing so it would eliminate the criminal element as we know it. Sound funny to imagine it, but there would be marijuana farmers just like there are tobacco farmers.
  2. Absolutely beautiful. I've always loved that show (old and new, but prefer the old). I hope someone is considering the Cylons as a possible player model.
  3. Oh yeah, this was a lot of fun. Hope to see more like this.
  4. Methinks that you are such a coward that you had to create a new user name just to post that instead of using your real account.
  5. I like the clone rifle. Have you thought about some of the other weapons in Star Wars Battlefront?
  6. Wedge, this is outstanding. The time you took with this map obviously paid off well, because you have a beautiful product now.
  7. This is just outstanding! It's so good to see you back.
  8. In case no one has noticed it yet, Aaron Smith has released his long awaited Episode II Obi-Wan!!! You can download it from pcgamemods.com. Here is the link: http://www.pcgamemods.com/8949/
  9. I for once am in total agreement with Spider AL. While it is very true that the later generations are more "street wise" due to being exposed to the darker areas of life, they are definately not "better educated". My children know more than they need to about guns at school or drug overdoses. But I can't get them to stop using "gots" instead of "has". It pains me to no end to interact with people on a daily basis who have no grasp of elementary spelling and grammer. For example, I admire Spider AL's grammatical skills but you need to look no farther than these message boards to see what I'm talking about. People no longer pay attention to capitalization or spelling much less than basics such as knowing the difference between to, too and two.
  10. ronbrothers


    Darth_Kitty, you may be right, but graves work is beautiful. I'd hate to see it changed.
  11. Spider AL, I could not agree with you more.
  12. It is so easy to blame video games, music or movies instead of bad parenting. I am 37 years old. My first "R" rated movie was Friday the 13th: Part II. That was roughly 22 years ago. I have sense never developed a desire to go on a killing spree. The violent video games came around after I was an adult, but I see no difference between the video games and the music videos or heavy metal music that was around when I was growing up. At the time, Ozzy Osbourne and Blue Oyster Cult took a lot of heat for their songs. I may be wrong, but I believe you have to be awfully weak-minded to let entertainment influence your choices on whether or not to commit violent crimes. It seems that every generation tries to blame the easiest target.
  13. ronbrothers


    Uh.... wow! Speechless. Very, very nice.
  14. I agree. Originally, I didn't think starship interiors such as the Tantive IV would be that fun, but with the release of Jabba's Palace, I'm convinced that it would be worth it.
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