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    New WIP's

    I've said this before in other posts when this type of thing has arisen from time to time over the years, but we need to recognise that we are all here due to a common interest. If it's not Star Wars, in this case, it is because of enjoyment of customizing a game. All moddable games have high interest in the modding community when they are first released and then commonly go through a lull period as newer games come out. Without folks like Hatrus coming along, the forums die out as the older modders lose interest and then all you have left is junk posts like "Hey, 4000th post!!! Yay!!!". I for one, am appreciative when someone comes along and generates renewed interest in the game. It makes no sense to beat your chest and try to bash someone into leaving the community. What have you accomplished? Kman, you have excellent talent and a lot of knowledge to pass onto others. But who is left to admire that talent if you piss everyone off?
  2. ronbrothers

    New WIP's

    Kman, I'm quite puzzled at your motivation to post such a message. You are an excellent skinner and a fine mapper... with an attitute to match. Do you recall the days when bradfu debated your tone and bias and called for you to be replaced as a moderator? I thought you had mellowed out and grown up a little after you left for a while due to being "insanely busy". You came back as a kinder, gentler kman with some finished work and some meager wips. But with this post, you've managed to bash a modeler who is cranking out models FOR FREE as well as insult those who like his work. I don't recall him ever saying that he had any skinning skills to match his modeling skills. But the modeling speaks for itself. I would have expected more of you by now.
  3. ronbrothers

    New WIP's

    Mighty, mighty impressive. Lord Hatrus, the Modding Machine! Where were these vehicles released: Trade Federation Lander Viper Class Starfighter Lightcycle Republic Assault Ship Were they in a pack? I did not see them at pcgamemods, but did see all of the others.
  4. ronbrothers

    New WIP's

    Hatrus, at the rate which you are cranking these models out and the quality of such... it is astounding. It goes without saying that you've created quite a stir here!
  5. Those are great to see. Good work.
  6. Great to hear from you again, Seka. I had pretty much expected this to be the case. Anyone who can be inellectually honest knows that Tercero put a lot of time, effort and love into that model and really had a tough time in his real life. In the end, this is only a game. I've been a SW fan since 1977 and don't expect to ever lose interest. I'd have liked to see Anakin come to life, but there are more important things in life. Time to move on. Though I never personally exchanged posts or email with Terc, I had a lot of empathy and sympathy for what he was going through. Please give him my best and thanks for the effort! Take care, ronbrothers Ron Brothers
  7. Bantha Fodder, I don't believe you actually seriously meant that post. Please tell me that was tongue-in-cheek, or read Kevin's last post ON THIS PAGE.
  8. Very nice. I've never liked the stock Tavion. A Star Wars skank always seemed out of place. :-D
  9. Looking very, very nice. I AM a Trekkie ... sort of ... and if you hadn't pointed out the saucer, I wouldn't even have noticed it.
  10. The screenshots are beautiful. Definately one to watch for.
  11. Looking good. Good luck!
  12. Alaris, you are too good!
  13. So far, it's looking very nice. Hope the surrounding terrain and skybox does it justice.
  14. Very nice. Is this the staff from Crimson Empire ?
  15. You might find this interesting: http://obeythetube.com/designdoc/
  16. As always, Hap, your work looks outstanding!
  17. Good call. I hope you get LA's blessing.
  18. C'mon LucasArts... don't let us down.
  19. I can just see the renewed interest in JA if you could manage to get permission to accomplish this.
  20. I know that. You missed my point anyway. I'm just demonstrating that so many of the users on this board are long time LucasArts customers. I've been a customer since Rebel Assault was released in 1993. Oh man, there are so many. Personally, I'd like to see either the Sith troopers for stormie replacements or Canderous Ordo.
  21. I hope they respond with a yes. They have to know this is in the spirit of supporting their games. I will take a good guess that all of us here have bought more than one of their releases over the years. Personally, I own 34 different LucasArts titles.
  22. Looking good. Is that Chewie from Shadows of the Empire or a comletely different Wookiee?
  23. Let's hope all goes well. Just tell us when and where if that's the case, and we'll grab it. I'd hate to see this wind up in limbo.
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