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  1. Sorry for my part in that discussion. This model is really looking good. It will be a fine complement to your Durge.
  2. ronbrothers

    The Bride

    Here's a link where you can download the sword (and many other cool swords and hilts). Just look for "Sword of the Bride" by Darth Donught: http://jk3hilts.evilzz.net/
  3. I still would like to know how to disable the auras around npcs when they are using force heal, ect. I remember seeing that months ago on jk3files, I think, but have had no luck finding it. Alas, I'm stuck trying to figure out how to do it myself.
  4. Leave it alone, Spffy_G. Trust me, it doesn't make Kevin return any quicker ...
  5. ronbrothers

    The Bride

    Man, it's good to see you back here Kman.
  6. That's very good work. Wish I had the skills to help.
  7. Nevertheless, this is an excellent piece of work. And you are right, the sounds are class #1 as well.
  8. Actually: http://www.pcgamemods.com
  9. I saw this thread, and passed it thinking a noob had dug out a long, abandoned project... imagine my surprise! Welcome back, kman!
  10. Personally, I'd like to see a more "realistic" version.
  11. I just think it is awfully annoying. I vaguely remember this mod at pcgamemods or at jk3files, but I've been looking for weeks and I assume it must have been removed. I'm wondering that if I did it myself, would I have to delete a texture file, recolor one, or text edit a file somewhere.
  12. Someone may already be working on this, or might be easier than I think to do onesself, but has anyone looked into turning off those annoying green, blue and red aurras that a character generates when using a force power?
  13. Here is a link to his site. It gives info about his Eve project, but gives no indication as to whether he's still involved with JKO/JKA: http://www.geocities.com/neomarz1@sbcglobal.net/
  14. ksk h2o, You have done a wonderful job with this model. A model well worth the wait.
  15. Keshire, you wouldn't be working on a Malak hilt, would you?
  16. I'd have to agree. While I like the design of the seatrooper, there isn't much of an enviornment for play with that model unless you could make it invulnerable to water.
  17. Um, is this a beta that was leaked? http://www.jk3files.com/file.info?ID=24215
  18. I actually meant the next game in the series. JKIII, JKIV or whatever it's called. I did not mean literally a sequel to the game "Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight". I agree that the multipule name changes is very confusing, but as a follower of the LucasArts games since the X-Wing and Rebel Assault days, I consider this a Dark Forces game.. no mater what it's called these days.
  19. I personally hope the next JK game is just as compatible as JKA is to JO. It would be a shame not to be able to port all these fine models over to a later version.
  20. As far as having the feel and accuracy of an actual Star Wars set, this map is one of my favorites. It would be even better if there were some adjoining corridors and lead rooms.
  21. ronbrothers

    Duel Map Ymir

    Hey m8! Good work here. What an atmosphere this map has! If it were only larger...
  22. OMG!!! That's awsome! I'd like to see Jango Fett shootin' it out with his twin pistols!
  23. I really enjoyed the audiobook version of the series. I didn't think much of the voice actor who portrayed Kyle. He sounded either a little too immature or cartoony for me. I like the game version of the voice acting.
  24. It's definately worth the ten bucks. The graphics are no match for JKO or JKA, but it's still al keeper.
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