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  1. http://www.canada.com/fortstjohn/story.html?id=08C4011D-AC31-46CE-A260-34B9D9562236
  2. i saw it and thought it looked amazing, i really suggest you guys take a look. good job!
  3. May i suggest that if you ARE making a game and you would like it listed in the AD Directory please email me with the name and all the appropriate information (developer, engine, etc) and a short one paragraph description as well as any screenshots you may want to include. I dont have the time to go out looking for games to add so do yourself (and ourselves) a small favor and send in all that info you want to put up there. for now send it to ryan.muir@verizon.net, but please i do have a space limitation so try to keep the file sizes of your attachements down. Otherwise please send me a mail telling me that you are sending a large file in advace. thanks.
  4. the game is quite top notch, check out our review of the game on our main site Adventure Developers
  5. it is quite excellent, i reccomend the download.
  6. Hey Everybody Check out Adventure Developers now with new features, and new content and more news updating! less talk more clicky!
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