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  1. Hi! As the title says this is only a minor thing, but enough for me to be annoying. KotOR ran smooth as butter on my former PC so I know it's not a game engine problem, but when I play, the game always gets a little choppy. And by little I mean little. It's hard to explain since English isn't my mother tongue, but when playing, every now and then the game stops for a tiny moment and this thing repeats every 10-20 seconds. It's like watching a movie, but with frames cut out of it from time to time. My pc: AMD Athlon64 x2 6000+ 2GB Geil Ultra RAM Geforce 8800GT OS:WinXP SP2 Oh, and I did install the dualcore fix, every other game I tried ran fine, only my favorite has issues I hope you guys can help.
  2. But you could never really see anyone pull such a mass before. And then he simply stops it like it's nothing. Remember how it took some time for Yoda to raise the X-Wing?
  3. It's funny to see you all reply to the original post as "What, you want a black guy?". My first thought was that he meant an alien species. It's probably cause I live in Europe Besides, it would be fun to get an alien main character. (You could only do that in Jedi Academy... well sort of. But let's admit it... Jaden sucked)
  4. It is possible, although very unlikely. It's probably a mistake. Should it get bad reviews for the first released version then the new one would get less interest. They probably wouldn't risk that.
  5. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Star-Wars-Force-Unleashed-PC/dp/B000NT752O What the hell?
  6. It's always nice to see new saber styles. One of the recent jaw-droppers for me was Assajj in BF2 Xbox version. Light-nunchacks You misunderstand me. I never said anyone would rush things, just that the game isn't long, no matter how you play. And by the interpretation I mean that I think the devs are exaggerating about the game, which is only natural and common in advertisement these days. English is not my mother tongue so you might not understand some of the things I'm saying
  7. ^That's just what I was thinking. The taming part that is...
  8. I'm sure they won't abandon saber combat althogether, I'm just curious what others think about making the jedi comicbook-style telekinetic superheroes. KOTOR is fun with lots of choices, character builds, new equipment, story options you might not have discovered connected to party members or side quests etc. It's an RPG with a lots of content and a long playtime. This is a 10 hours long action game with 4 force powers, so the limitless possibilities you keep talking about sound a bit awkward, no? I did make an assumption about the two endings which seem logical, but as of now the rest IS fact. The devs said it themselves: 4 force powers, 10 hours. And from my experience, the line "it can be rushed through in" translates to "it will take an average gamer about".
  9. We might be in for something like that with Bioware's new MMO. Rumor has it that it's set in the KotOR universe.
  10. If they wanted PC gamers to buy it they would have to make a lot more settings, like medium and low quality models, textures, effects, terrain etc. to make it more accessible. That takes a lot of time, they almost have to redo the whole game again. It wouldn't be hard really, just time consuming. They go for the profit$. I have an Xbox360 and will probably get it for the story but I don't really have high hopes otherwise. No console game has delivered such fun experiences as my PC has so far.
  11. Is anyone else concerned about this? We haven't even seen a single sabre stroke in the trailers. I understand they want to make the force a kickass thing I just hope you won't have to rely on it too much and we will get memorable saber combat. You basically have 4 force powers and from what I hear you can combine some. Let's admit it, that gets really boring after a few hours. On second thought, since the game is 10hours long it won't be that boring, but replayability after seeing both endings will be close to none.
  12. TK's clone idea is nice but if that is the case he would surely die at the end. Lucas wouldn't ruin the series with getting a clone vader(no offense) Think about ROTS's end. One of the greatest sith lord is born... oh no wait, you get a fake. Also: I am your father. Well actually, he's long dead I'm just a clone and this moment has no emotional value at all. Besides, as someone said, cloning is a bit overdone, really. Boba, Luke, Emperor, C'Baoth and now Vader, too?
  13. Can anyone please give me a link to sciamano's Visas lightside reskin? I just couldn't get the download to work
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