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  1. that's really stupid, but what's funny about it is i had predicted (i was joking at the time) this would really happen. oh well..
  2. I don't think it would be possible to use two double bladed sabers, your attacks would be pretty weak, and there wouldn't be a lot to choose from since it's more likely you would hit yourself.
  3. I agree with you BloodRiot, i think the sabers should be more leathal (one or two hits to kill), and we should defenately have a defence/parry button, this way there wouldn't be the problem of everyone running around, bashing air. You just couldn't do it, your opponent would take one step to the side and slice you in half. As for the stances, i think it is pretty innacurate to have them do different amount of dammage due to the nature of a lightsaber.
  4. you'll probably be able to attack and defend at the same time or attack two different ennemies.
  5. my vote goes to ckcsaber. nice work! darklighter was close behind though.
  6. I agree about the 10 (or so) seconds cutscenes like the one you mentionned or when you talk to lando in his cell, because the level continues after, but i think they should improve the pre level cutscenes like when Tavion and Dessan discuss or when Kyle receives Mon Mothma's message.
  7. I'll go for the sabers, but i think i'll stick with the lone saber cause if they don't want the players using only one saber to be disadvantaged, they're gonna have to put new moves and stuff.
  8. How do you think they should do the JA cutscenes? personnaly i think the cutscenes in JO sucked, exept the vehicle one (which were done by ILM), so for JA i'd like prerendered cutscenes instead of using the in-game models. what do you think?
  9. the force throw objects sound like a neat idea. but i want to be able to counter lightning, either by force or with my saber, like yoda and obi did in ep2.
  10. maybe it's gonna have something to do with your force alignment, i mean killing everybody on a map would bring you closer to the dark and sneaking and avoiding killing people for nothing would bring you close to the light.
  11. perhaps you could use force tame and ride the rancor!! j/k i thinl it depends on what the map will look like. you won't play the same on a big arena-like map and on a shallow maze-like prison.
  12. how about moving around while you're hanging around.. you could sneak behind an enemy by actually passing under him...
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