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  1. Change: Make it able to run on the recommended ATI graphics cards. Impact: Would allow me and many others who purchased it to play it. Negatives: Might stop the incessant spamming of posts on the Bioware forums regarding people with ATI cards that meet the recommended specs who get crazy overheating problems and constant crashes with no help at all.
  2. Hmm... reading this, I'd have to suggest that Obi-Wan is more of a Jedi Sentinel than Guardian. He definitely takes that role as the lone sentinel scouting the far reaches of the galaxy in AOTC; and in ANH, we see him living the life of a wanderer in the desert. Sounds like a scout/sentinel class to me. I mean just read this description of a Sentinel from a guide and tell me it doesn't sound like Obi-Wan in Episode II... Qui-Gon and Mace Windu would seem more appropriate representations of the Jedi Guardian, with Yoda and the Emperor fitting the Jedi Consular profile. Luke could probably be considered a Sentinel as well, especially later on in the novels. I'd also propose that Darth Maul's character was a Sentinel when considering his actions and combat style in TPM. Realize this was an old thread, but came across it while doing some research on the Jedi Sentinel class and wanted to clarify for those considering the Sentinel...
  3. I was kidding, Kurgan... lol. Thanks for the thought, though. *whispers to rest of forum* He's actually a big teddy bear with a marshmellow center at heart...
  4. Sergio, your site is great. I usually go there first when looking for a file, and if I have trouble finding it will go to the other sites. My suggestions to improve the site... 1. Ability to organize lists by downloads, ranking, author, etc. 2. Actual Staff ranking as well as Staff Picks, with the ranking added to the master list 3. Descriptions by author's require a minimum word length. 4. A "Staff Picks" list of the top authors I tend to download a file from an unknown author based on it's description, the screenshots, the site's ranking (if there is one), and the number of times it's been downloaded. Though I love pcgamemods, it's difficult to decide on whether or not to try a file based on those criteria. If it's in the Staff Picks list it gets downloaded for sure... other than that, it's sort of a crap shoot. While I understand not requiring a screenshot, having authors submit a description with say 50 words minimum might help us get some clearer descriptions. Thank You for offering this site to the community.
  5. Yeah... the holidays, family issues, and a botched OS reinstall can have that effect. I've been offline for almost two weeks, but looking forward to getting back into it. Looks like a lot has happened around here... Umm... what's KOTOR?
  6. Check out this group... Roleplayers Anonymous
  7. AnArKey... Those weren't hypothecial moves I listed above; they are actual situations I've encountered ingame that were done by really good players and took me out. The only one I haven't personally encountered was the upward attack beneath the kick before the final spin, but it would work. I'm a good Staff wielder - not the best by far, but pretty good. It's not as "all-powerful" a move as you perceive it to be, and I often encounter other players who can cut through the butterfly regularly. The ones who have the most difficult time defeating me are other staff users quite honestly... usually because they time their butterfly or kata really badly and I take advantage of it. Load up an MP map and use the Staff for a little while, putting it thorugh it's paces. That's probably the best way to find it's weaknesses... and strengths.
  8. I'd like to add that KaiaSowaPit's server is one of my favorites to play on. Lot's of fun. And Chop Shop 1 has a great rotation... jumping in early on the FFA maps to warm up, then playing thorugh five CTF maps is a good night's worth of online play.
  9. Um... I think you might be mistaken on this point, Kurgan. At least if memory serves me correctly... I seem to recall a decapitated body falling to the floor clenching a thermal detonator. When the Butterfly is done properly, you don't see it coming.
  10. As a Staff wielder exclusively since day one, here's my experience on the subject from the receiving side... *Single Saber Lunge timed well gets through the butterfly very effectively. It's extremely frustrating, 'cause you can see it coming just before the lunge but can't stop the butterfly motion once it's begun. *Dual Roll Stab from the left side (my left) at the end of the Butterfly is very effective. *At all times in the Butterfly there is a vulnerable side, so watch the arc of the saber and look for the negative space. There are only three Butterfly moves - Forward, Left, and Right. It's not difficult to learn their trajectories and practice targeting the weak spots. *Leap over the Butterfly and attack from behind just before or after the final spin... if you miss you're probably dead though. *Force Pull or Push and leap out of the way. Many times I've been knocked off course when my force is low... the Butterfly uses 25 force mana points, so on a normal force server there are several strategies for getting the Staff user's force low enough so that they are vulnerable during the move. *Time the Butterfly, and then leap straight up so that you land behind them after the move is finished. Then do a backslash/stab. *The trajectory is not a straight line, with limited movement capabilites. If they're attacking from a far range, at the very end of the move the Fwd Butterfly lands a little to the left (my left) of the original position, and many spammers or newbies might not realize this.. if one realizes this, they can evade the end move without running away. *There's a Fwd/Rt kick just before the final twirl of the move.... if one's got really good timing a strike from below could take it out, though I've yet to see this happen. *In general, when people see the Butterfly they run away. But remember, the Butterfly has a relatively fixed trajectory so it's highly predictable if one knows what to look for. The other night there was one guy who didn't move at all and at the last minute would do an upward lunge - it one-hit killed me just about everytime. So yes, it is possible to counter the Butterfly and it's not ustoppable. With the Staff, it's also not difficult to take down other Staff Butterfly spammers. I enjoy doing it while holding Shift Walk down, or by kicking them on their butt. The Butterfly is not the most effective move in the Staff Wielder's arsenal.
  11. Hunh? I read through the entire manual before playing and several times since, as well as through most of Strategic Academy and several other resources, and the only two moves which I listed that are directly referenced in the manual or anywhere else are the first two; and they're still difficult to pull off effectively... I know you're a pro FK, but I'd like to see even you try and decapitate someone in motion with the backflip saber twirl on purpose without practicing it. Regardless, I started this thread and the question has nothing to do with whether the moves are obvious ones or not - simply ones that need practicing to pull off well. Jawa8578's original request was simply, "tell me one move, any move, that requires practicing." And so I listed eight off the top of my head, and met the condition of the request. If you simply can't respect that... ah, whatever. Here's lookin' at ya, kid.
  12. WJTW... Read this thread here for detailed help... How do I make an exec cfg?
  13. This was my experience with JO. I bought the game the week it was released, and practiced a whole lot. Got to the point where I could beat just about any bot at master level consistently. Then I went online... it was a lot of fun at first and I did get pretty good, adjusting to the differences - not elite by far, but respectable enough to hold my own; yet eventually it became such an unenjoyable experience to go online in JO that I simply decided to focus my time elsewhere. There was absolutely no way I could put in the time to keep up with the elite players; and the majority of the public players were determined to turn all servers into backwards running kickboxing events with glowsticks. And part of why the average players began relying on exploits so heavily was because if you didn't use them you didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning. I'm all for the more elite aspects being added back as selectable options in the game; yet not at the expense of the fun and approachable nature JA has brought back to the online experience for the average to better-than-average everyday player. The big issue, FK | Unamed, is that many of your compatriots are fairly harsh in their vocal disdain for players like me. If the meanness was left out of the discussion, this forum would be a much more enjoyable place to be. As it stands now, I'm getting pretty close to deleting my bookmark and moving on. There's just too much harsh negativity around here, which is really too bad.
  14. Just as a followup, I believe the "seta" command is only supposed to be used in the actual "official" config files, and all other custom cfg files, executable command lines, or ingame console entries should use the "set" command instead. At least that's how I understood it to be on past Q3 based games. Not 100% sure of this though.
  15. Though I originally was responding to a question in another thread, the board didn't want to work with the posting of the reply. Given the nature of the thread, it's probably for the best. However, the following is an interesting topic in it's own right, and one I'd like to hear from the community on... Jawa8578 asked... Well with Staff, here are a few... 1) The Backflip Saber Twirl/Slash - not only is it difficult to time the buttons to initiate the move in a combat situation, it's extremely difficult to use effectively due to the height of the blade swing. When timed properly, it can decapitate an opponent, or deflect the Red DFA. It's not easy to pull off, since the 3-button combo has to be executed in a precise order and timing sequence. 2) Jump Kicks: any direction - it could be argued that the standing kicks require timing, but the Jump Kicks are very difficult to pull off effectively and require practice to get the timing down well enough for them to be useable. As with the backflip, this 3-button combo requires a specific order and timing sequence or it won't work. 3) Alternating Horizontal Strafe Slash - it's possible to get the staff swinging in an alternating horizontal slash pattern very quickly, one swipe per direction, as a repeating combo; however, it requires alternating the strafe buttons in a specific rhythm or it won't work. This is actually very difficult to do with any regular consistency in the heat of battle. When done properly, and combined with crouch, it's very deadly and highly effective for creating a barrier or clearing a path. 4) Walking Crouch Sidestep Slash - one of my favorites is to hold shift walk, then right as the opponent charges or swings, quickly hit and hold crouch, followed by a strafe step and horizontal slash. It slices them though the lower body just about every time when done at the right moment. This one is a 4-button combo that requires 2 to be held throughout the move, and if done incorrectly may cause you to either roll to the side instead or get creamed by your opponent. 5) All of the staff swings are slightly different when Shift Walk is held down, and learning those moves effectively takes some practice. 6) Since the patch, many of the moves are more responsive to button combos - which means that it's a lot easier to accidentally do a crouching staff twirl instead of a rolling stab unless the buttons are hit in the right timing. So to do either intentionally with regular consistancy requires a little practice time. 7) With all of the standard flips/jumps and strafe moves (not special moves), the exact moment that one chooses to press the attack button within the progression of that movment changes how the swing is done and where the arc connects with the opponent. For example, try the Backflip while pressing Attack at different points along the flip - ie, just before the jump, immediately after the jump, half a beat after the jump, just before the fllip, after the flip... each one has a different swing arc, and some have a different animation altogether. 8) And finally... the Butterfly Staff Kick - now I know that many can do this accidentally by just spamming the move over and over. But if one wants to use it as a precision attack in a single stroke, it requires practice. Many don't realize that there's actually a Spin Kick just before the last stage of the Butterfly, that can be targeted to hit an opponent in mid swing - if one targets their cursor about 10 to 15 degrees to the left of an opponent, and if the opponent is about 5 full strides away (or appoximately 5 yards), then one can actually kick their opponent while slicing them in two, and it's generally a one hit kill. The Matrix Reloaded outdoor map is great for practicing this, because of the block patterns on the ground... if one lines up about three diagonal blocks away and aims slightly to the left of the corner, the kick should happen at just about the far corner of the third block. Now if one doesn't play JA or practice with the Staff regularly, they might not ever know about these. One can blow these off if they want to... but in my opinioin, it takes skill and practice to pull these moves off effectively and with any regular consistency in combat. If you don't agree, then simply load up the game and try them yourself. I'm always running into those who call the Staff a "noobstick" online; and while it does help new players have a chance, there's much more depth to the Staff than most people realize or give it credit for. ----- So... anybody else have some moves worth practicing?
  16. The +set added to the command line of jasp.exe. Though I haven't played SP since the patch was released, I've yet to come across a cvar that didn't work when added to the jaconfig.cfg file directly. Cheat codes have to be added to an autoexec.cfg after HelpUsObi 1... but write-protected cvars usually work when added to the cfg files directly without cheat mode enabled. However, I have not personally tried the g_sabermorerealistic cvar in jaconfig.cfg since the patch was released; yet the fact it can work when added as a variable to the command line would lead me to believe it would still work the cfg-direct way as well.
  17. Oh... that Rad... since it was the first line of the sentence I didn't get the proper name... thought you were using the word rad. Zhen Jou: You may go about your business... *crack*
  18. LoL... what's complicated is the 30 or so different versions of dismemberment that have been pasted across all the forums. It's enough to make one's head fall off... But seriously, way to go Razorace! Excellent clarification. Just to add... these cvars may by manually added directly into the jaconfig.cfg and jampconfig.cfg respectively as well. Works smooth as a stormtrooper's bottom... Could this be stickied with large neon blinking letters... please?
  19. Um... no. Actually, I have no idea what you just said.
  20. darrksaber88... Ignore the little jawa... he gets his rocks off insulting people and telling them how much they suck. *whispers in ear* (He has a yoda weewee...) One big question you should ask yourself is "what type of clan am I looking for?" These are the main three I'm familiar with: 1) Competitive clans (and yes, we know... they all suck in JA) who play against each other in tournaments & ladders. Often they might specialize in a specific game style, though many play all or several styles. They have scheduled practices, focus highly on teamwork and strategy, and take their successes or failures very seriously. Here you will usually find the best and most skilled players, but alas... also the most arrogant and confrontational. 2) Just for Fun clans that are basically a bunch of people who like playing together with custom maps/skins, and usually the game style doesn't matter. They might have a website and/or a private/public server with an open schedule; or they might have scheduled matches and trainings. Sometimes they'll challenge another clan to an event and have a "competitive" experience... in any case, here you will usually find a somewhat relaxed and freespirited type of player, but also a lot less focus on the skill of playing - that's not to say they aren't good players though, or might participate in tournaments/ladders. Sometimes a newer clan that perceives itself as "competitive" will more likely fall into this category without realizing it. 3) Role Playing clans (RP) that create an entire world or story within an era of the Star Wars universe, where each member takes on a role to play within the group. Usually these groups schedule events in a private server that are fairly high on dialogue and intrigue, while low on action and mayhem. These events can be quite enjoyable when done well, and a stimulating change from the regular "all action" gameplay - and they can also digress into quite boring and chatty IRC session when done poorly. They tend to use lOts of custom maps, skins, and mods to create their worlds within an FFA game style environment. Often there's a farily strong hierarchy to the group, as well as a host of rules to follow, which many in these groups feel are necessary to keep things focused and on track. Here you will be treated with respect and honor, which is both a blessing and a curse... it can get a little pretentious and stuffy at times. Now there are some that fall outside of these three of course, but this covers most of the ones you'll come across. Clans tend to lean either toward the Light or Dark side... I've rarely come across those that blend the two together, though some of them do try. Considering all of this info could possibly help narrow down the search for you, as well as save a lot of wasted time heading down the wrong direction. Clans have the potential to be a lot of fun; but they also have the potential to be a royal pita. A lot of the servers out there are supported by clans. Generally, if you find a server that you enjoy playing on regularly, and the people are welcoming and nice to you, then walk up and ask a member how one joins their group. Usually they'll give you a website address where you can read their information. Sometimes the welcome screen on a server will have a web address listed - write it down if it's one you like. A good clan will usually have it's own forum, or at least a requirements page with some email contacts. The IRC channels are good to find the more competitive clans, while many will often use MSN, AIM, or ICQ to connect privately. I would recommend getting a copy of Trillian Basic if you're serious about finding a clan - it's an IM client that covers AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, and IRC all in the same interface with no ads. If you clarify what you're looking for here in a clan experience, maybe someone can point you in a good direction... May the Force be with you.
  21. Actually, for MP all you need is: g_dismember "100" cg_dismember "3" (or 2) For online play, if the server has the g_dismember cvar enabled, then it will work; if not, it won't. btw, Crow_Nest... What does the rcon_dmflags "8" do?
  22. May the Force be with you... Mannysil
  23. Keshire... Will these animations work in SP and MP?
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