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  1. I find the more 'social' a game gets the more idiots end up taking over and creating chaos. SWG will turn into a flame fest drama in less than 2 months of release.
  2. Seeing how the economy is going downhill real fast. I don't see myself purchasing new games or hardware for awhile. I have a strong feeling I'm not alone in that sentiment.
  3. They look like my Sennheiser 580's. Hrm.
  4. That's a LAN, bit different, I'm thinking online where you never meet people anyhow ...
  5. I just found it covered a lot of interesting issues - seems to have went a bit off topic. From what I gathered from it: Does it really matter to you if the person fragging you and beating you down is a girl or guy? In the end, it's just yourself and your computer, no?
  6. Carrots and Dijon Mustard. Don't knock it till ya try it.
  7. I found the debate they had interesting: http://www.quake3world.com/ubb/Forum3/HTML/054776.html
  8. Sometimes it's best to take a step backwards and go to the very root of FPS. I suggest checking out Quake 3 and going OSP - good maps, nice mod, very popular. http://www.orangesmoothie.org/html-mods-ospq3.html http://www.orangesmoothie.org/html-downloads.html
  9. Huh? I don't understand your response. All I'm saying is he should appeal to his parents on this issue - they raised him, are raising him, and know what's best for his value system. I am speaking from experience about all this, but I'm not going to give you my life story, that would become a novel and it's really no one's business.
  10. It would be too traumatic for him, it'd be all emotion without any mature rational process or experience to back it up. Nope, he needs to wait ... In fact, he shouldn't be asking people on this board for advice - he should be talking to his parents.
  11. He's too young and under-emotionally developed to get into a relationship. He needs to wait it out . . .
  12. Stop encouraging this kid. Teenage pregnancy is bad enough as it is. Yah, play games and watch cartoons. Heck, I'm over 18 and I watch Bugs Bunny all the time.
  13. Avoid girls until you are 18. Why are you trying to ruin your life so quickly? Keep playing videogames ...
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